Sunday, September 20, 2015

"You've all developed a fault."

 Wherein Jack did things.

 I've been looking for a desk. All over town. But town doesn't have things like desks. Because town was built for tourists, and tourists don't need desks.

 But Authors do.

 Because it is hard to edit sitting on the floor.

 Not that I always sit at a desk. Usually I migrate. From the desk, to my bed, to the floor, to the counters while I make meals, and back to the desk. Rinse and repeat.


 Because it is hard to sit still while you are editing and yelling at characters and crying over characters and wondering why you bothered to write books and ponder tossing it out the window.

 So finally I ordered a desk off line. Because I found a nice little one which didn't cost a fortune. The only problem was I had to put it together myself. And usually that ends badly. I am not mechanically inclined. In any way or form.

 I attempted it this morning. And somehow it didn't fall to pieces on me. I am kind of impressed with myself, but I believe my sonic screw driver might be partly to thank for that.

 And the point to this post is...nothing. Because there is no point. I am just killing time while I wait for my edits to come back to me. that way I can feel like a real Author. Instead of an email stalker.

 Do I have a song for today? 

 No, not really.


 Because I want to go to sleep and don't want to go and try to find one. Because sleep.

 Quote is from the 12th Doctor.  



  1. Good for you for putting it together by yourself! It wasn't one of those Ikea desks, was it?

  2. Glad you got the desk together all by yourself! There always seems to be a missing piece whenever I try to put furniture together.

  3. Special Request: I want a picture of the desk, completely assembled. :)

  4. Yay! Desks are cool. ;) I have a desk but I don't actually, uh, write at it. It just holds all my stuff and I write on my bed. . .

    I think it's cool how you migrate though.

  5. With the help of your sonic screwdriver, he he so apparently. I am not the only one who has one.

  6. You have no idea how much your posts make my smile. Have I mentioned lately you're the best? Because you ARE.

    Congrats on assembling the desk! (Now I'm imagining naming all the pieces Marvel hero names and yelling at them "Avengers, assemble!" Ahem, excuse my randomness...) I don't think I could ever do something like that. I'm so useless with such things.

    Oh, oh! I wanted you to know I tagged you for the Bookshelf Tag, which you can find here: Obviously nothing you have to do at all, only if you want to!


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