Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Boulard nearly hanged himself with the telephone cable."

 I'm going on an adventure over the weekend. Before then I wanted to get all of my book reviews caught up, try and work toward getting another job, get every bit of prep work for Brothers-in-Arms done that I could, finish editing the first three chapters of The Broken Blade and send them to the agent, and bake cookies. 

 I have accomplished all of the above...except for the cookies. I am doing those tomorrow after I get off work.

 But because I am very excited about my adventure - I'd have talked about it tonight but I just finished my last book review (Which was on Vango which everyone should read because that book was AMAZING), finished editing The Broken Blade chapters and sent them in, and finished collecting addresses - I am too tired to talk about my adventure.

 I do want to write a post about something, but I'm still waiting for Brothers-in-Arms to come back from my editor. And every time I try and think of something which would make a good post Vango - now in his book two form - looks at me with his charming eyes, begging me to spend some time with him. He's hard to say no to, really.

 Though I've really just had a hard time posting about anything lately. Not that I find you all horrible company and wish to avoid you. You're all fantastic, my wonderful readers. My biggest problem is I haven't slept well the last few weeks and by the time evening comes I am half awake and it is hard to blog while half awake. One reason I am so excited about this weekend. It will be nice to relax and have fun and not think too much about everything which has been on my mind lately.

 That sounds a bit cryptic. I have still been working through grief. There are days harder than others, which I suppose might be normal. Usually I take Dog out for long walks when I have particularly bad days. Or I cuddle some of the little kids at work - one nice thing about having befriended all the shy kids. They seem to think my lap is a seat, which I don't mind one bit.

 When I come back though I will have pictures from my adventure, and all about my adventure to share with you.

 For right now I think I am going to hide under my warm blankets and read my book.

 The quote I took from book one. Boulard is one of the characters who's life is made miserable because he can't find Vango - who was framed for murder - even though everyone in the world seems to know him but not know anything about him. To add to his troubles he is trying to convict a gangster type villain, and nothing in his life goes right.



  1. I LOVE Vango! It was one of the best books I'd read in EVER. I saw Maria had the second, so I guess I'll wait 'til you're done with it to read it. :-)

    Have fun on your adventure! (Good job getting those chapters to the agent. That's always a bit of a rush, isn't it? Makes me a little sick, actually, thinking, "There it goes. No going back, now.") Good luck! <3

  2. Good luck with everything, Jack. Curious about your "adventure."

  3. I can't wait to hear about your adventure! Have fun!


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