Sunday, October 11, 2015


 There are three artists I listen to more than any others. I usually alternate between these three, depending on the book I'm writing, my mood, and the weather. Adam Young I listen to mostly in the summer and when I'm writing more adventurous books. Josh Groban I listen to a lot in the winter and when I'm working on historical fiction or the Haphazard books. Enya though I've always listened to in the spring and fall. I love listening to her music during NaNo and when I am writing fantasy.

 This year has been a great year for new CDs. When I found out Josh Groban had a new one I was extremely happy. Then when I found out Adam Young had a new one out a month or so after Josh Groban's I figured it as probably the best year ever for music. I did wish Enya would get a new one but didn't give it much though. She spends a lot of time on her music and doesn't put out new CDs all that often.

 Then on Thursday or Friday my friend told me she was listening to Enya's new single and I found out she had a new CD coming out the middle of November. I've been listening to the single a lot over the last few days.

 It seemed like the perfect song to share today.

 The quote is real. It is from Doctor Who, the Robin Hood one. And if you don't know the quote go and watch that one, because it is funny.



  1. I, too, like listening to Enya when I'm writing fantasy. Great new single. I hadn't heard it yet.

    I'm new to Doctor Who—haven't gotten to that episode yet. Soon maybe?

  2. You're going to get a slew of new music after all!
    I listen to progressive rock and metal when I write. Yeah, it would probably scare you.

  3. That scene from Doctor Who is SO FUNNY! He was so Scottish in that episode.

    Ooh, that song is pretty. There's nothing like music for writing, is there? Here's to more writing!

  4. I love how you listen to certain artists while writing certain genres. Also, I think it's cool that you write certain things during specific seasons! That's so cool.

    By the way, I tagged you for the #WritersLife tag! It's a ton of fun. If you want to do it here's the HTML:


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