Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Do you have anything to declare?" "I hate you."

 Wherein Jack made hot chocolate

 I made it with milk. In a pot. With caramel and vanilla. And I am drinking it right now. And it is pretty good. So you should all be in awe of my hot chocolate making skills.

 I spent my weekend being productive. In other ways I stayed in my pajamas as long as possible, jumped in puddles after I tried to walk in the rain and it stopped pouring before I had a chance, made pancakes for breakfast, went to the library and FINALLY found a book I've not been able to put down, read and watched Tintin, and got a friend to suffer the pain that is Band of Brothers.

 See, productive.

 Also I got a nice answer to a prayer request which has had me feeling really....sad, I suppose is the right word for it. It wasn't my prayer for a job, but one for a friend which I wanted a nice answer to more than I wanted another job.

 And I decided to make hot chocolate before bed and read some more of the amazing book I found. (For those wondering, it is called Vango: Between Earth and Sky. I've only made it a hundred pages in but so far it is so good. Reminds me of a cross between Tintin, Sky Captain, and those books by Ron Hubbard. Maybe throw The Rocketeer in there, but I'm not far enough in to know.)

 Oh, I forgot. I also managed to hang my canopy again this weekend. I balanced back on the arms of my chair while wielding a hammer and a nail. (Even on the arms of my chair I was too short to nail it up properly. I had to kind of stand on tipy toes at the same time. My friends, you are looking at one talented Author.)
 Now it is back up and should stay that way. Though I'm prepared in the chance it falls down again and I have to fight out from under it while half asleep.

 I don't really have a song today. Naughty me. And I am still waiting for news from my publisher, so I have nothing to share in that area.

 Just my sprouts of randomness. Like how I dreamed I married Tintin and we went on adventures together and made our living by writing though we did very little writing considering.

 As you can see, even my randomness is kind of lacking tonight. I blame it on not sleeping much last night. It's a good excuse, admit it.

 That's about it. Vango is getting lonely.

 Quote is from Wreck-it Ralph which I also watched this weekend.



  1. Hot chocolate sounds really good right now, enjoy it!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying Vango! I thought it was such a good book and I loved him to pieces. :) *Pssst* Mahri has the second one checked out... You know. If you decide you need to borrow it or something.


    And this post is soooo fabulous. :-D

  4. Hot chocolate with milk is definitely the best way to do it! I had some this morning!


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