Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"I'm claustrophobic." "Pleased to meet you! I'm paranoid."

 Wherein Jack did things today.

 I was very productive. Not only did I look for jobs, I went on a hike, went to work, wrote letters,  cleaned. read almost the rest of Vango, and I might even bake some bread before bed tonight. But that isn't the real productive things. 

 Today I emailed one of my favourite Authors to ask if he'd be willing to read and write a small something about Brothers-in-Arms. That was scary. I felt like a little kid writing one of their heroes. "Hi. I like your books. A lot. Please read mine?" Now I refresh my email every five minutes to see if he will reply.

 I also emailed Bucky and Donna's (Barnes and Noble) to see if they would be willing to stock my book once it is out. (I emailed the one closest to me, as they sometimes carry books by local Authors.)

 I wish I had more news to share about my book. But everything is still at a stand still from my end. I do have some news on The Broken Blade though. I had a chance to pitch it to an agent and they want the first three chapters. I am kind of excited about this news, while at the same time I know it could turn into nothing. Just because one agent is interested in seeing a few pages doesn't mean they've accepted it. But it did make me feel better about the series, since I had the fear I was just re-using a much over used plot.

 I have started editing the first three chapters and have plans to send it in by Friday. I will keep everyone posted as far as that goes.

 But for the time being, news on everything is a little short. Maybe it is waiting for it to happen all at once like last time, and then you will get a book length post instead of these snippets.

 Speaking of snippets, I can share one, to help you pass the time. (See?! Nice of me, right?!)

 Theobald's brother always told him, “You can pick your best friends but you can't pick your family.” In Theobald's case neither of those seemed true, no matter how often Quentin told him.
When Theobald turned eleven, right on his birthday, a mad sheep ran into him from behind. It tossed him like a leaf in the wind, left him on the ground winded, and ran on with a grunt as if the whole encounter had been Theobald's fault.

 It's a small snippet, but snippets are little snips of things. I had to keep it snippy.

 Quote is from Vango. I am having so much fun with that book!



  1. I get so anxious when I email my favorite authors, all have them have turned out to be really nice. I LOVE the snippet, so cute.

  2. I loooooooove the snippet sooooo much! And all of this is so awesome! I'm proud of you, Jack, and I can't wait to see what it all amounts to!

  3. Poor Theobald! Awwwwww. Thanks for the snippet! :D
    I love emailing my favorite authors, because oftentimes, they become my friends.

  4. I would say you had a full day! Emailing admired authors is so SCARY! I would've done that and been like, "Okay, I am done for the day, now I'm going to be lazy because that took everything out of me!"

    Though sometimes it can be fun too. ;)

    *dances* I am happy for all the book stuff that is happening!

    The snippet! XD Being crushed by a hit and run sheep is not exactly something that warrants bragging rights. Poor Theobald.


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