Friday, October 16, 2015

"I'm gonna wreck it!"

 Wherein Jack is hungry and tired.

 I'm waiting for my dinner to warm up and thought I would try to write a post while I waited. It is hard to think though, because all I want is my dinner. 

 I had a post idea early but then I kind of forgot it. Now I can honestly think of nothing to say unless you want to hear about my canopy fell down in the middle of the night and attacked Dog and me. I had to fight us out from under it, only to have it fall again two nights later. I think it is time for nails. Guess my ceiling doesn't like that sticky, adhesive stuff.

 I just sat at my desk for fifteen minutes looking at Pintrest. And I still have no ideas. At all. Whatsoever.

 What can I say? When I'm too tried to pretend I'm clever I'm an incredibly boring person.

 In which case I should end this sad attempt at blogging, see if my dinner is done, and watch Wreck-it Ralph or something fun like that. 

 I like that idea. Because food. And I had an unexpectedly long day at work. It wasn't horrible, just more hours than I prepared myself for. Also I didn't see my two adorable little buddies all week, and I miss those little guys. (They are the sweetest little fellas ever! Brothers, and they decided I am pretty fun to play with. Probably because I play dinosaurs and carry them upside down. What can I say? Growing up with brothers I learned the quickest way to a little boy's heart.)

 So that is all. I'm going to enjoy tea, the rain, and a movie tonight.

 And figure out a way to hang up my canopy. Among other things.

 I had to use that line. Just because.



  1. I hope you figure out how to fix your canopy, enjoy your food and tea. Don't worry you are anything but boring, in fact you make normal everyday life seem like quite the adventure. :D

  2. Your day sounds about like mine. I went into work at seven this morning only to find that my shift had been moved to eleven. Except that someone else hadn't shown up, so they let me cover her shift. Counting my break, I was there for just shy of ten hours.

    Except I don't have cute kids where I work. Just hamburgers.

    Here's to long shifts that we don't expect.

    And tell your canopy to behave. They should know that they're supposed to stay pretty on the ceiling, not pretend to be blankets!

  3. How do you make your life sound so much fun? I love your post, darling.
    Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to play with little boys and carry them around upside down. Somebody told me the other day that I need to grow up. I would argue that I am quite mature in all the important things but that there's no reason to be completely boring unless you have to. I can pay bills, diagnose and treat certain medical conditions, AND climb trees with my niece. Right?


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