Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Should I untie the horse from the piano on the second floor?"

 Part Two of my Adventure:

 Wherein Jack did the tourist thing, took a ton of pictures, and is now showing them to all of you.

 I'm bad at picture taking, but I promised everyone I'd do it - those who knew I was going to San Francisco - and then that I would share them. So here they are....

This is where I parked the first time. The houses in this are were pretty, but it was a shifty neighborhood. The one where I thought I'd come back to find Ben's car no longer had wheels

See? Fantastic houses. Sure there are no yards and your neighbors are close enough to say "Bless you" when you sneeze, but LOOK at how pretty the house is!

There was always someone around to laugh at me when I'd stop, set my book down at my feet, and snap pictures at the houses I liked best. (This was one of my favourites.) I could see the "Judging tourist" look in their eyes. So I'd just grin and take a few steps down the street and stop for another picture.

I want some of these. Not sure what they are, but I'd love to have them hanging from my porch

See?! So pretty

The houses reminded me of what you'd find back east.

This one was amazing. It was near the upper part of town. I was afraid some millionaire would come out and have me arrested for taking pictures of his house. Probably think I was stalking the place for a midnight robbery

But seriously, look at this guy's house! And his tree. (He had a small yard. Millionaire, I'm telling you.)

I took pictures while driving. (Not WHILE driving. While stopped at lights. Again, I got the tourist sneer from fellow drivers.)

These were on a lot of the corners I passed while heading to the bridge. I think they were apartments, but I loved the rounded rooms. Some of the buildings were prettier than others, this was a boring one, but they were all shaped like this

Stop light

A round room would be fun

I liked the colorful houses best. The ones squished between all the boring white ones

Again while stopped at a light

This room would be fun as well.



This was a cool fortress I stumbled on when I parked the car.

Smog, my friends. SMOG! (For a girl from the backwoods of that state no one thinks exists smog is pretty cool.)

San Francisco from the fortress. I felt like Louie looking at the city while he was stuck at the POW camp.

This was a mount on the fortress were huge cannons used to stand. I was sad they'd been removed

Possibly a powder room? (Gun powder, not a bathroom.)

At the top looking at the bottom.

What can I say? The fortress was cool so I took tons of pictures

There was a family on top of this one. They'd just passed and took a moment to snicker at me as I ran around like a little girl in a candy shop. I might have been grinning like a nut

The doors were all locked 8-(

I climbed up that ladder. That one he is coming down. There were two Chinese men on the one next to it and they watched me to see if I'd be able to get up in one piece while wearing a skirt. I might have smirked a little when I arrived at the top

Another mount

This was the beach I wanted to get to. I ALMOST went down the cliff side but I was wearing one of my nice, favourite skirts which is really old and might not have survived the decent

The NOT nude beach

It was stepper than it looks in my picture. It was a drop off, so much fun to stand on the edge of

Bridge from the fortress

I zoomed in because I didn't think I'd be able to get any closer


I got closer than expected

A fort I couldn't get to because I didn't have a boat

This tunnel led down to another, NOT nude, popular beach. I didn't go that way, I just went through the tunnel. I didn't want to walk that far, but ended up there after I passed through the nude beach

I got this through the fence. This is kind of what it looked like when I was under it, only MUCH higher over my head.

The other side. Only bikes can go on this side, didn't know that and almost got run over.

Cruse ship and barge. (Spelled wrong? Wrong kind of boat. Likely. I'm not a sailor. Don't tell Haddock.)

I got even closer

LOOK! An underwater current!! How cool is that?! You could see it from the bridge

ON the bridge

The fort I didn't want to climb down to

Decided to get pictures from the bridge to make up for the fact I didn't want to spend the time getting to it. (HAHA)

Over the railing. My stomach dropped at this point. It's still down there.

The first arch.

Ever seen George of the Jungle? This is where he swung from. I had horrible images of myself doing that and screaming in terror the whole time

UNDER the first arch. Oh yeah, I was there.

UNDER again

There was a ton of traffic but I managed a shot between cars. Be impressed.

Down to the beach. See that railing on the side of the steps? That was where I stepped when I slipped in front of the three young men - only not at that spot. It was further down and the side had more of a drop off

Still on the path down

Final staircase


This boat was being shifty. It stayed in that area for an hour or two. It couldn't get to shore because of the rocks, so he just hovered. I was suspicious

Cool rocky beach

The nude beach was down that way

Tide coming in and the birds. Two were crippled and hobbled around together

The cliff I wanted to go up

I did see a man going up it, right before the nude beach. I get why he did now

Such a tempting climb

This was past the nude beach, in the safety of the rocks. This is where I started to dodge the tide. I relieved the moment in The Black Island Tintin book when he was trapped in the cave with the tide about to drown him. I avoided all caves





Almost worth a nude beach. (Not really, but almost.)

Some parts looked like a huge oven

The rooms

One still had the bed

I would so live in a fort if I could have a room like this

Front of the room

Spooky hallway


Beach side houses on the way back to the car

At this point I was DYING of thirst. Hadn't expected my adventure to take so long so I hadn't taken water

An amazing church on the way back to the concert

This adorable, old fashioned barber shop in the middle of huge, new buildings.

The cables for the let down trollys

That bus is the trolly

See? No rails. No way to run and jump on board. Just a bus with a cable. Such a disappointment. I'd made plans to jump on a trolly

I was so sad I took several pictures to document the letdown of trollys. This was while waiting outside the concert building. The others in line didn't know what to make of me taking pictures of buses.

The line for the concert

I couldn't get a front picture of the building without losing my place in line so I did side snaps


This is how I imagined trollys

I didn't get pictures of the actual concert. I had things on top of my camera and if I'd pulled it out they would have fallen. And there wasn't room to pick them up without getting stepped on. So I didn't get any. But it was AMAZING!

My hotel room...with a KING bed. All to myself. First time it's ever happened. I totally threw myself on the bed.

On the way home I stopped in this cute town and visited a farmer's market to try and find a pumpkin. I didn't, but I got nice pictures.

 And that is the end of my pictures! Hope you enjoyed!

 I realized I accidentally used a quote twice in a row. But here's a new one, also from Vango. (This quote should make you want to read the book, because there are things like this in both books. Just unexpected stuff and you go along with it because it is Vango's life.)



  1. That's so cool! I wish I could have gone with you!

  2. The beach pictures were great! And like all the houses. Yeah, it would take being a millionaire to live in some of them. Pass on the smog though.

  3. Island with a fort. That would be Alcatraz. 8)

  4. Hi, Jack...

    What an exciting adventure! You took so many great pics! Glad you had such an awesome time.

    I love architectural pics... so cool. They don't make houses/buildings like that anymore. I live in Chicago and there are so many AMAZING buildings from the 1800's and early 1900's. Such incredible detail. I just recently purchased a LOFT in a fantastic 1883 children's book publishing house. So cool. Currently rehabbing it now. Hopefully it will be ready in a few weeks. I need to move in there by the 16th of November....

  5. Aaaahhh, Jack! These pictures are fantastic! I've felt like I've gone on your adventure with you via the pics.

    Wow. Those houses are gorgeous! I love the third pic you posted, of the green one. So unique and beautiful!

    AND THE FORTRESSES. :O So. Cool!!! Those are just fascinating!

    The beach and bridge are so gorgeous. And I adored all the pics of the stairs. I'm so weird that out of all this those were my favorite. XD I have this super strange obsession with stairs, I just find them really pretty and neat. The winding staircase in the fortress and the ones leading down to the beach were just wonderful!

    I loved looking through all these pics so much. Thanks for sharing! <3


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