Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Ana, because I love you I insist you run."

 Wherein Jack is here.

 I meant to post on Friday. A lot happened on Friday though. It was fine except for a social event which ended badly and has scared me from further social events with certain people for a while.

 I have good news though! I got the first edits back for Brothers-in-Arms! This calls for my Brothers-in-Arms coffee and my green olives as I dive into the pain of my book.

 Readers, if you doubt my love for you I will throw this book at you. All of you are the only reason I'm still working on it.

 Today I am sharing a song from Enya's newest CD. I listened to this song a lot over the week, it's very pretty and soothing and the video is stunning.

 Quote is Olaf from Frozen, because I felt like using one of his lines.



  1. Ah yes, those terrifyingly long, and mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting social events. Nothing better (and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible). :)

    Awesome! So glad you were able to finish it! :D

  2. Glad you got the edits back!
    Sorry about the botched social event.

  3. Editing is one my least favorite writing aspects.

  4. Sorry about the social event. I'm right there with ya. Especially since moving. :-/

    Yay for getting edits back! And Enya. I like Enya.

    Happy editing!


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