Thursday, November 05, 2015

"I don't trust you, Miss Ethel. Don't go in there before he's able to defend himself."

 Today I had the honor to interview Author August L. Buehrer. She wrote a Science Fiction trilogy, the first book titled A Stargazer's Question. She contacted me to ask if I'd be willing to do a read and review and then willingly submitted to an interview.

  Hello, August! Thank you for submitting yourself to my Now for my first question. The one I like to ask best.

 1. Out of all the jobs in the world, why did you pick the one where you'd allow yourself to be tormented by demanding characters who kidnap all your attention and usually make you cry over them at some point in the journey? (Don't worry, not judging. I'm one of those insane people who decided to submit myself to the same pain.)
 You got right to the core of a writer's passion--the characters. The truth is, weather or not we choose to bring them to life, everyone is going to have to grapple with the people inside them someday. They're little will-o-the-wisps that make up ourselves. Writing these characters actually makes us better enabled to subdue and subordinate them...or at least come to terms with them on our own conditions. And of course, you put faces and backstories on these people, and you always end up falling in love with them. There's that too.

  2. That asked, have any of your characters made you cry over them yet? If so, what did they do to make you do so? (If you can say without spoilers.)
 Inevitably, as light-hearted and detached as I try to start out, my stories always become emotionally intense. People who know me, and then read my writing are usually a little surprised by this, because I tend to be laid-back to the point of being almost too cool. True to myself, I can't claim to have ever actually, outwardly cried over my characters. But there was that one time in that one novel that I may or may not ever publish. There was time-travel involved, and the kid started waxing eloquent (through tears) about time and eternity. He knew that when he returned to his time, he would have forgotten the main character, and he didn't want to. Okay, so I didn't really cry. But I think I telepathically said "I've got you, Franzi."

 3. What do you do when you hit writer's block? 
 First off, I stumble backward for a second, holding onto my big roman nose, wondering what hit me. Then, on a good day, I just grit my teeth and keep writing. The very best method I've found to break writer's block it to write straight through it. Don't stop until you're on a roll. Then you can stop safely, knowing you can get back into it at a moment's notice. On my less-good days, I go to the kitchen and brew Earl Grey. Then I sit at the monitor and drink it. Then I write a few words. And a few more. And then, it's bedtime.

 4. Do you ever talk to yourself, forget to eat, wear mismatched socks, throw pencils at the wall, or D: all of the above?
 I basically always wear mismatched socks while writing. Hey, your feet get cold, and you don't care. I usually don't forget to eat. I like to eat while I write almost as much as I like to drink tea while I write. I also love to listen to music as a soundtrack, but I sometimes forget to write and start jiving and swinging the  cursor back and forth on the screen.

 5. And lastly, what is the strangest line you have ever written?
 Wow...strangest line.... I do weird descriptions sometimes. I said somebody's face looked like a knot in a bed-sheet. In the same book I said the main guy looked like Ophelia. It was true though. He did look like Ophelia.    

 You can learn a bit more about August and her books on her Goodreads Page. The books can be found on Amazon.

 For tonight this is all I have for you. I've had a very long week and I'm hoping to go to bed early, read a book, and relax.

 Quote is from Vango, for reasons.


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  1. Ha ha that one about describing someone's face like a knot in a bed sheet. I do stuff like that too.
    Great interview!


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