Wednesday, November 04, 2015

"If you really want to keep him alive, young lady, you'd better stop firing at him!"

The top ten things Jack forgets to do during NaNo.

 1. Eat.
 Jack does eat, enough to keep writing, but she forgets about meals, and how to cook, and how to sit down and enjoy a meal. She usually resorts to sandwiches, dried fruit, and anything she can find quickly in her cupboard.

 2. Sleep
 But since Jack barely sleep that one doesn't really apply.

 3. Be Sociable.
 Though Jack might not be considered unfriendly, she doesn't have much to sat too often if one is over the age of four. Jack just doesn't seem to have time to swap small talk, and is usually distracted by her characters when she tries it. They can be very demanding.

 4. Walks.
 Not really. She would forget to go for walks but Dog can be very persistent

 5. How words work
 For some reason, after reaching half her word count, Jack can't remember how to spell simple words like Hi

 6. To give John cookies
 This is a personal statement from John and cannot be proven or disproved by Jack

 7. Forgets she is not living in a POW camp in 1944
 But honestly, don't we all struggle with this?

 8. Dishes
 During this time of month Dog earns her keep. (For those who don't get this read the Little House books.)

 9. Blogging
 She tries. What more can you ask for?

 10. Cleaning her house
 She sweeps but the dust isn't going anywhere. It'll be there in December, ready for a Winter Cleaning.

 Disclaimer: All above statements have not been approved by the Author known as Jack. As far as we know she's not even aware this post is going live. We'd ask for her permission but she's yelling at a young man named Tommy and probably wouldn't even hear us.

 The Authors of this post chose to not give their names.

 Quote is from Vango because we feel Jack would want it used. It's Ethel and Vango. 



  1. This made me laugh. I do this all the time when I'm writing, and I'm not even doing Nano.

  2. Rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

  3. You can fix misspellings like hi in edits - no worries!

  4. At least Jack has her anonymous authors to keep her blog going - This Cat has to rely on the 25th hour in a day to blog anything.

    Oh, I love Vango! I love that quote. :-)

  5. This post is so fun! "Forgets she is not living in a POW camp in 1944.
    But honestly, don't we all struggle with this?" Hahahaha! I totally understand! =)


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