Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"I'm sorry to bother you, I'm looking for somebody." The man held out a spade.

 Wherein Jack is done with the week.

 Or as my friend puts it, "Why is this week a thing?"

 It started early, so it isn't as if I hit Monday and decided I couldn't take anymore of the week. The doneness of this week started on Saturday, so I thought it would only last for the end of last week, since Saturday is the end of the week. But instead, Saturday lumped into the new week and I'm ready for it all to be over with.

 I can't even put into so many words why I'm done with the week. It might be the fact my boots leak, so I've had cold feet all week because - me being me - I've decided to go for walks in the melting snow.

 It might be that with job applications I've gotten behind on NaNo. It might be because I still have trouble writing sometimes.

 It might be from the HTML job I've been working so hard at getting. It isn't exactly an HTML job, but to prove I want the job I have to work with that. Throw HTML codes at someone with dyslexia and watch them start to twitch. I'm sure it's amusing. If I didn't need the job I'd have given up on the stupid code already. The actual job will be fun, I'm just ready to shove the cold outside and watch it freeze.

 Then, because if this are going to go bad things go bad all at once because why not? My car decided it has had enough with life and is slowly giving up the ghost. Why? Don't ask me. I'm fond of my car. I treat it well. I take it to the doctor. I take it on adventures. It might not be flashy or impressive, but it's been dependable since I bought it and I've never held anything against it for being a typical looking car because I know what it's like deep down.
 And now it is dying. It makes me sad. I might have to get a new car and I hate the idea. I got so desperate today I almost drove it to a mechanic, parked it, and begged them to save it's life.

 Not sure what else to say. I should be writing. I need to get my count for today. But I'm tired and can't concentrate even though Tommy, Rudy, and Zack amuse me and are fun to write with. IN FACT! I think I will share snippets on Friday to make up for this post. So there, how is that? Brilliant. Yes, I know. 

 Do I have anything else to tell you dear little peoples? Noooooooooope. Why? Because lately Jack's life has been dull and insane and filled with applications and all that boring stuff. Applications are a form of torture, trust me. I just need someone to take pity on me and hire me. They need to take one look at me, decide I am a fabulous Overlord, and let me sweep floors for them. Or run the government of their small town. I'm good with either. 

 I'll be good and go now. I'll spend some time with Tommy and see if between us we can get 1667 words. 

 Don't be too shocked, but quote is from Vango. When Vango goes to a grave site to try and find the headstone of a girl who died...and the grounds keeper gives him a shovel.

 Come back Friday for snippets, your Overlord commands it.



  1. Bad weeks stink, especially when they start early. I hope yours gets better!

  2. I'm sorry! Hope you can slog your way through the code and get that job.

  3. Ugh. Applications are no fun. Here's a fun job interview video.

    Hope you survive the rest of the week! :)

  4. Being an adult is no fun, can't wait for snippets.


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