Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"It's called blood, genus." "Do I need it?"

 Wherein Jack has a thing.

 Or wait, is it did a thing? I have a friend who speaks Fangirl, so I am learning. Not at any great speed, but I give it my best every so often.

 At this moment I am sitting in a short sleeved dress with one slipper on and a towel over my drying hair. I'm waiting for my tea to boil and debating when would be the best time to make my bed and look for a jacket.

 And I have fun things to share with everyone.

 Fun, fun things which I haven't had a chance to reveal until now because of copyright, but which a friend - the one who speaks fangirl - helped me fix.

 What are those fun things I'm putting off showing you?


 There's only one problem. My computer won't let me upload the file I have and youtube hates the video and has the same issues as my computer. 

 So you will have to click a link to see it. Hopefully it is worth it, and worth the extremely long wait as I kept putting it off while trying to upload it. 

 But here is the link. I hope you enjoy!!! Brothers-in-Arms Book Trailer

 Quote is from Bolt, after he jumps from a moving car and injures himself for the first time in his life.



  1. EEK I LOVE IT. It's so purttyyyyyyy and awesome and eeeee!

  2. It''s a beautiful trailer, but sad very sad.

  3. That was really powerful and haunting!

  4. Me looooovesssss it!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Me is afraid it will breaks my heart, precious... me is terribly afraid of that.... yesssssss.

    Feeling a little gollum-ish today. Not sure why. :)


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