Sunday, December 13, 2015

"I think his heart was two sizes too small."

 I had a song for today...I know I did. I can't remember which one though and this bothers me. Because it was a good song.....this is going to bug me for a while....

 While I think I shall recap my week.

 I got one of those coughs which makes one sound as if they have the Black Plague. When my mummy heard me hacking on the phone she ordered me to go and get medicine and I obeyed because I'm good like that. I went to the store and coughed violently the whole time. I could feel the judging looks. Followed by judging looks as I grabbed a ton of medicine and three bags of cough drops. 
 Never judge your Evil Overlord. I'll pass on that plague you were so worried about, peoples.

 Went Christmas shopping. It involved hanging out with some of my friends, running around in the cold without my coat - because I'm brilliant like that - wishing I were rich and famous so I could get everyone I know and their brother a present - I just love getting presents for everyone, it's fun - and stalking the hobby stores because they have fun things to look at and smell crafty.

 I went to get popcorn for my tree. Did you know it's hard to find poor persons popcorn now? What has the world come to?

 Dog thought it would be hilarious to keep me up one night and then not let me sleep in. I might have handled it all right until she woke me up at 12, and then 2. I may or may not have stomped around and thrown my shoes..........

 I watched the first two Hobbits - not the third yet because I haven't been able to buy the extended yet...soooooon. This was followed by a Lord of the Rings marathon this weekend. Except Return of the King. That one had to be postponed until tomorrow night.

 The fantasy book I was reading flopped so I am going to read Return of the King....because Aragorn is fabulous in that one.

 I've been stalking my mail box in the hopes of finding brown boxes. 'Tis the season for brown boxes.

 My cough has kept me indoors far more than I like. I'm suffering cabin fever. I'm horrible at taking care of myself I think.

 I've run short of tea and this disturbs me. I don't mind when my cupboards go bare...but my tea supply? Can't handle it.

 That's been about it. I think I will go and take some of that medicine I got judged for and hide under my blankets with a good book. ( know, that kind of book.)

 Quote is from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I might have accidentally paraphrased though. Sorry if that is the case.

 Still can't remember the song. It'll hit me tonight and I'll be too half asleep to write it down. So you'll never know what it is. but trust me, I had an amazing song planned to put up today. me. You would have liked it.



  1. Sad to hear your sick and out of tea. I had a cough like that last month it was a menace. Sending prayers and well wishes. Aragorn is fabulous in Return of the King, him and Sam.

  2. Feel better soon!!! I approve your movie watching and book-reading choices!! :) Now I want to have a Middle Earth Marathon, too! Hmmmm... but tis the season for Christmas movies.... dilemma.

  3. Sorry about your cough. I wont' judge. I don't want the plague this close to Christmas.

  4. I hope you get better soon (aka in time for Christmas)! Ahh, I've been pining for LotR recently. I need to reread those books. :) *jots down for 2016 goals*

    By the way, I'm not sure if you do tags at all, but if so, here's the Christmas Tag. Participation is up to you, of course!

    Merry Christmas!!


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