Sunday, December 06, 2015

"Sorry, I saw a chimney and my brain went 'What the heck.'"

 Wherein Jack is in the Christmas Spirit.

 She also misplaced her wrist brace, yet again. This post would be longer, but it is almost impossible to type without it.
 It is very likely on my desk. But I'm cozy in my bed. And I don't feel like getting up to look for it.

 So you have to deal with a short post.

 Now, back to Christmas.

 My decorations are up. I have nearly all my gifts for everyone. And I'm listening to Christmas music. My flat smells like cranberries and popcorn.

 So for the rest of the month, because I'm having so much fun with Christmas, I'm making all my readers join in. If you are going to Bah Humbug you shall have to go elsewhere.

 And since I already got you started off right last Monday with a Christmas song, I shall continue to drag you along into the holiday spirit. (Unless you are there, in which case you can join me for hot drinks, cookies, egg nog, lights, and all of the other wonderful joys of Christmas.)

 Quote is from Doctor Who. 11's Christmas Special. 



  1. The local Christmas station plays this song at least twice a day so please forgive me for not listening to it now, lol (I swear I'm not bah-humbugging!) *casually steals cookies and cider anyway*

  2. No dragging - I'll go along willingly!


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