Wednesday, December 09, 2015

"There's snowball fights...oh! And Christmas!"

Wherein Jack is a bad blogger

 This has been a long month and it has only started. I'm not sad it is December, there's a lot happening and most of it is really exciting. There's Christmas, snowstorms, Christmas, baking, Christmas, decorating....CHRISTMAS! I'm really excited for Christmas. I have a tiny tree decorated with cranberries and popcorn. I have gifts for my friends under it. I've joined in some gift exchanges, I plan to bake cookies and give them's just been a lot of fun preparing for Christmas so far.

 But in spite of all the excitement this is also a hard month. As much as I am excited I am also dreading it.

 This will be my first Christmas without my friend. And every time I do something fun, when I go out and have snowball fights, build snowmen, decorate, wrap presents, I'm reminded she won't be here to share it with me. It's been hard on me to accept the fact she is really gone. I've been keeping myself busy but as busy as I have been this week it hasn't worked as well as before. Christmas is the holiday you spend with your family and friends, and I won't be able to spend it with her.

 I don't mean for this post to sound so gloomy. I think it is just my way of trying to explain that I won't be around much this month. First off, I don't want all my posts to turn out gloomy. And while I'm not so much in a gloomy mood all the time, I'm not completely bouncing off the walls either.

 Second December is usually my month off. I tend to write 11 months out of the year, everyday but weekends. I give myself December as a kind of holiday, and after the year I've had a month to myself - to read and watch marathons of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Christmas movies - sounds delightful. I plan to read, relax, be somewhat as lazy as I can make myself be, and just rest. List to tons of Christmas music, go on walks at night to look at the lights, visit my adopted family, do all those lovely things one should do over the Christmas break.

 I'll still post off and on, but I'm just not sure how often. I do have a Christmas gift for all of you though! I will have it up probably after Christmas, maybe the Monday after.

 For now, I suggest all of you enjoy time with your families and friends as well. Enjoy the holiday season, do all sorts of lovely things, go on adventures. I know this is said a lot, but you don't know the truth of it until it happens to you. And by then you will wish you had listened when someone told you it. You'll someday miss the times you didn't spend with those you love. All of the other things that seem so important won't be at all then and you'll be sad you spend so much time working, or angry about something or other, or maybe just not resolving a disagreement or something, that you will miss the time you lost.

 And that is the end of my not so cheery post....

 I'm off to read one of my books. 

 Quote is from Narnia.



  1. I always try to make Christmas focused on my family and moments rather than things. I'm sorry your feeling sad, but at least you are trying to keep your spirits up. I hope you have a great Christmas.

  2. *tight-hug* I'm praying for you and I hope you will enjoy your break and fun stuff like those delightful sounding marathons. Merry Christmas, Jack! I hope it's blessed. <3


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