Thursday, January 14, 2016

"I need to go kill my best friend in the world." "And I need to go help him hide the body."

 Wherein Jack whines, complains, and drinks coffee.

 Do I whine? Yes, yes I do. Am I ashamed of it? Sometimes.

 Why do I whine you ask. What do I have to whine about. I have a nice house, a dog, food, tea - which is needed to live - blinky Christmas know, all those nice things which make a flat a cabin in the woods and keep your feet warm in winter. (Hint, that would be Dog.)

 But I still whine.

 Do I have a good reason for it? I like to think so.

 First off, I've been whining a lot about my rib. I had no idea a broken rib could hurt so badly. Not just hurt, but make life uncomfortable. Have you ANY idea how much you move your rib throughout the day? I didn't either. But it is NEVER still. Even doing simple things, like getting breakfast from the cupboards or putting on a seat belt. I've not taken this rib thing well at all. I was a better sport about having my teeth brutally yanked out of my head by Hydra. I think I'd handle a broken arm better - at least then they could cast it and I could club people with the cast.

 If that isn't enough to whine about the fact I have no good story to go with it should be. Whenever someone sees the sling and asks what happen all I can tell them is I broke my rib, and I don't know how. I can see it in their eyes, the disappointment when they realize they can't hear some crazy story about my wild New Year's Eve party or snowboarding accident. Not even slipping on the ice. Nothing. Because I have NO CLUE how I did it.

 Don't ask why. It's me, that should be answer enough.

 But let's move on to my other whiny complaint.


 Yes. My book. My lovely book with its own publisher. Its. Own. PUBLISHER.

 And I am whining.



 The final edits came through. The cover is being worked on. I've seen hints of what it is going to look like.

 And I am whining.

 I think any of my beta readers might understand. And if not I shall explain in as few words as possible.


 "I will always catch you."




 There, now you understand.

 I have something of a cure for my sorrow. I have a special coffee which is not really coffee. It is one of those, so much cream and sugar it should be called sweetened milk but which for some reason can pass as coffee in the stores.

 When I come home from work I make a cup. I opened up my Brothers-in-Arms file. And I edit and whine into my coffee.

 And that is what being an Author is. Because we are strange creatures who whine into coffee and whatever snack happens to be within easy reach.

 Then when I finish editing I work on one of my many hobbies. Or not so many hobbies which involved things like fencing, learning Gaelic, swing dancing, screeching on my chanter, pretending I can play the banjo, working on deduction skills, and knitting. I knit a lot. I am knitting a quilt this year. A 2016 quit. I knit while I edit. It helps me not to yell at Stein. Sort of. I still yell. Just not as loud. Sometimes.

 And that is all. Because I have run out of things to say.

 Except that yes, you read this post right. Yes I am working on the final edit of Brothers-in-Arms - at least the one I believe is the final edit from my publishers. It is close I think, though I don't have certain dates yet.

 But it is getting close.

 And now I am going to go. Read a book. Knit. Things like that.

 Quote is from Psych. (Which I finally finished. A cried in the final one, all the way until the end, and then I laughed. But still, HOW DARE PSYCH MAKE ME CRY. LOVED the ending though. Perfect.)



  1. I like to whine and drink coffee, most always at the same time. I think a broken rib, is a great reason to whine guilt free. Good luck with edits!

  2. I am such a whiny author, too, so I get your pain. Though, I must say, it's never because my stories are emotional. It's usually because they are SUPPOSED to be, but my authorish skills are not up to my standard. :-P

    Anyways. Count yourself lucky to get a broken rib because AT LEAST now you know what it feels like and your characters can get one and you can totally know how to write about it. XD

  3. I whine about edits too, even though they are necessary. Sorry to hear about the broken rib. And Psych, I miss that show so much! That last episode was the perfect ending, but I, too, cried during the entire thing.

  4. You deserve to whine about a broken rib. It is probably horribly uncomfortable. On the upside, at least you know how Japhet feels now.


  5. wait....'I broke a rib and have no idea how' sounds like a very nice story to me. MY interest has been piqued....

  6. LOL! I'm trying to whine less. I cracked a rib because I moved some furniture and forgot. Does make one rather grizzly I agree.


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