Sunday, January 24, 2016

"I'd rather spend all day at the mall with McNab,"

 In honor of having sent Brothers-in-Arms back to my publisher I am going to post one of the songs which reminds me of the book.

 This is a very Franz and Japhet song but it also fits Caleb, Warren, and Karl as well. Probably Danny and Jimmy and some of the other friendships if you look deep enough.

The quote is from Lassie.

 And that is all I have for right now.



  1. I guess that means you finished your edits!
    I'm so excited for you, getting published is huge.
    It's a lovely song.

  2. Congratulations!! When is the release date?

  3. YAY!

    This is a really beautiful song. Yeah, it's definitely a BiA song.


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