Friday, January 29, 2016

"I'm going to ask you this calmly...are you insane?"

 This is how you see me, no?

 To everyone on here I am known as Jack. Only a few of you know my real name, and you've been wonderful sports about it and have kept it top secret. I think I've explained the reason behind the pen name by now. But just as a reminder, and for those who might not know...

 My real name isn't Jack. Nor is my middle name Lewis or my last name Baillot. All of these names I borrowed or was given. (I borrowed Lewis and Baillot, which I was known by for a while before I was given the name Jack.)

 Why do I call myself Jack? Rather why did I accept the nick name, adopt it as my pen name, and keep my real name top secret? Why do I hide my face in pictures? WHY AM I SO WEIRD?!

 First...I wanted to stand out when I started on the publishing road. I didn't want to be another self-published Author no one remembered. So I stole a trick from Lemony Snicket, little knowing the world knows his real name. (Or the Author's get the idea.)  hid my face. I hid my name. And it worked. It was a marketing scheme in part, in another part...I've always wanted to be a spy and this seemed as close as I could get.

 Second...why am I so weird? Who knows.

 Over the years I told my real name to some of my closest online friends. Others found out when things had to be mailed to me. I might have revealed it to someone else under know...enemies and all that. But some of my friends who found out my name were surprised. Something about it not fitting me, it being a name they never would have guessed...something like that.

 And it got me thinking, along with the fact I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. Someday, maybe soon, I might have to reveal my real name. Maybe. I am going to try as long as possible not to....but things happen.

 Until then, before then....just in case that does happens, I thought it would be fun to hold a guessing game.

 In other words, I'm curious to know what all of you think my real name is...those who don't know.

 What do you think? Sound fun? I think I'll have the guess game open for a week. Until next Friday. (And no, I won't reveal my real name at the end of the week. Like I said, I'm only sharing it if I have to. And right now I don't have to. So ha!)

 And there...that challenge? 

 You can begin guessing.

 As for me, I'm going to spend my Friday nights as I usually do....tucked safely in my flat with tea and a good book. Or Doctor Who.



  1. This is a hard guessing game because I honestly have no idea. So just for kicks, I'm going to guess some random names.

    Elizabeth. Anna. Brielle. Lauren. Taylor. Marie. I'm totally wrong, I'm 99% sure.

    (By the way, is your "Do you want to leave a comment?" text block supposed to be sung to the tune of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman"?)

  2. Hmmm.... Let's see:

    Jenny? Jacquie? Olivia? Jessica? Abigail? Alice? Jennifer? Emily? Grace?

    Maybe? I have no clue.

  3. I was so so super excited to find our your real name because of you winning the drawing (seriously, it made my day!!) (of course, I will guard it to the grave, oh Evil Overlord - Hydra will never torture it out of me). But, as you have stated other people have been surprised when they found out what it is, it was not what I would have guessed... so, I will tell you what my guesses would have been were I still in the dark:

    Jaqueline (hence the nickname and your adoption of it), Miriam, Violet, Priscilla, or Ariella (basically, I figured it was something super girly and not really suited for you and your adventurous nature).

  4. Hmm...Susan...Laura...Lauren...Sylvia...Rachel (hey, one just never knows)...Nicole....Alice....Elise...

  5. Hortensia? Eloise? Rowena? Myrtle? Haha. I have no idea. As someone who also uses a pseudonym and whose pseudonym is completly different from my actual name ... nope. I wouldn't be able to guess at all.

  6. Oh man, this is hard! So many names ... hmmmmmm

    Susanna, Sarah, Lily, Lydia, Gwendolyn, Elise, Mary, Natalie .... Rumpelstiltskin! =)

  7. Guinevere? Maria? Rowenda? Anastasia? Noelle? Michelle? Petra? Lucilla? Athena? Florence Nightingale? Madame Theresa? Rose Tyler?

    I'm out of names for now.

  8. Danielle, Louise, Beatrice, Percilla. Well whatever it is, I'm sure it's a good one.

  9. Ha! This is so great. XD But goodness, I don't even know where to begin. You've always just been Jack to me. At this point I can't imagine you as anything else. Let's see...

    Amber, Julie, Victoria, May, Emily, Veronica. Yeeah, I literally just threw out random names. I haven't a clue!

  10. Gosh.


    I almost feel like I should know and yet...I don't. XD I don't know why I feel like I should but yup.

    Here are some of the random guesses that pop into my head machine-gun style....Vivienne, Arianna, Adele, Susan, Emily, Daisy, Louise, Jenna.

    Though I think it's a little sad that we won't get the answer. THIS SHALL HAUNT ME FOREVERMORE.


  11. This post makes me want to rant. Long and hard.

    But I won't. Maybe in a text or something. :)

    Okay byyyyeeeee.

  12. Is it. . .


    *nods* Yep, I think I got it. ;)

    Okay, in seriousness now. Uh, is it Danielle? Or Kathy? Or Kaitlyn? Or Julie B. Jones? Anne with an e? Okay, I think I dropped the seriousness somewhere. *searches the floor* Nope, it's gone for good.

    *whispers* Is it Darcy?

  13. If it weren't already such an intruiging book idea given its setting, I'd read your book simply because of the reasons behind your name and photographs. I always do enjoy Snicket - that was a brilliant series.


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