Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Now give me your keys so I can storm out of here."

 I picked today's song last minute. I was going to do one which inspires me while I write Brothers-in-Arms, because I have news with that book.

 I picked one by Peter Hollens instead, because I like the song and his voice makes it amazing. Also, while it isn't one I typically listen to while I write, it still has that same kind of heart wrenching-ness I like to listen to while I work on my heart wrenching book.

 Enjoy. I leave you with another Psych quote.



  1. Watch a heart-wrenching movie at the same time and you'll be all tears!

  2. This song has all kinds of feels. Not ashamed to admit it. Happy New Year! :)

  3. I dislike writing heart wrenching things. They make me sad.

  4. Oh,heart-wrenchingis so hard. There was one scene in my novel that took months to write and then months for me to get back to after I wrote it. Good luck.

  5. That is pretty heart-wrenching. :'(

    I tagged you for the Dragon Loyalty Award. If you want to do it.


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