Sunday, February 07, 2016

"What are you a Doctor of?" "Of Lies!"

 Wherein Jack is healed!!!!

 Well.....enough that it counts as far as she is concerned.

 It's naughty of me, but there's a little girl at work who talks in the third person....and I encourage it because it is cute. So if ever she dates Shawn Spiencer...I'm sorry but not really.

 If any of my Instagram followers are on here, I shall be AWOL until further notice. My phone died, so my mom sent me an old one which works, but it doesn't feel like Instagram, so...not that I posted much anyways. I mean other than books and tea.

 Back to my rib though.

 I can ALMOST get my arm all the way above my head. I know I said this last time, but I can get it higher than last time. Not much, but just a bit. I could have gotten it even higher by now but I had a bit of a set back...I caught the flu which has given me a small cough I've been battling. It was the sneeze though which made it hurt again though. I don't have pretty, lady like sneezes, but full body sneezes. In good news, I didn't REbreak my rib. 

 I have no book news. Which makes me sad because I have a small amount of patience. For some reason refreshing my email aggressively doesn't seem to get the message across that I am eagerly waiting.

 Don't worry, I have a song for today. I'm just taking my time getting there for some reason. 

 Never mind. I've changed my mind. Here it is!

 This is one song I listen to when I work on the Blade books, which I've started work on again. I want to try and get book one edited this year. (Heads up, I will be looking for beta readers if anyone is interested. I need to read through it once, maybe this month, then I will want to send it to some other readers. If anyone is interested you can email me now. I'll make a more formal announcement later when I know for sure what is going on.) 

 There it is. Enjoy

  Quote is from Doctor Who, when Clara pretends to be the Doctor. I use the quote far too much in real life...



  1. I'm so glad your feeling better! I for one will miss you on Instagram.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who refreshes my email, when I am expecting a specific one.

  2. If you overdo it and get it sore before disneyland I might smack you lol. XD

  3. Congratulations! I hope you heal all the way very quickly!

  4. Having a cold along with a rib injury is the exact opposite of fun. When I hurt my back so badly the year before last, I had bronchitis, I would just cringe when I felt a cough coming on.

    So...don't overdo anything. Keep on healing!

  5. Glad you're still improving. I imagine sneezing really did hurt.

  6. I'm a newb here but wanted to say a hearty congratulations on your feat of lifting the upper appendage - rib injuries are the worst, especially when you NEED to breathe and they angrily protest the fact.

    In any case, fantastic music :) I look forward to reading more from you! Cheers!

  7. I like commenting on your things ("things." ugh. posts? tweets? whatever. I'm lazy tonight.) and because I read them, I feel like I know you so well. Hah. Let's just pretend you know me too, okay?

    Glad to hear that the rib is much better. Broken anythings are awful and a bother.

    I'll email you about beta reading. I might be interested, key word might. Depending on my schedule. We'll see.


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