Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Also cute, and fluffy!"

 Five Random Things You Might Not Know About Jack

 1. Her real name.
 Sorry, couldn't resist. Can you blame me?

 2. She isn't often complimented, but when she is it is usually about her voice.
 This one I've gotten randomly off and on throughout my life. It happened recently though and made me realize just how often it has happened.
 The most recent time was with a co-worker while I was scolding two boys to sit down and stop crawling over the floor during story time. She said something about how I had a sweet voice and she wished she had one like it. Had it been someone else I might have believed they were just joking, but this co-worker hasn't gotten to that level yet. She still thinks I'm incredibly sweet and not the sort of person who ruthlessly laughs at my best friend as she cries while cutting onions.
 One of the other times it happened was even more awkward. I worked at a fast food place and had to work drive through sometimes. One day after I took an order, my Mercenary Friend - who had on a head set as well - came up and said something like, "You have a nice voice. You know how some people have those voices you can't stand to listen to and you have to mute them? Well, yours is nice to listen to." (I guess I could say that since this came from my Mercenary Friend I wasn't as awkward as with my new co-worker. Instead I evilly snickered and said I understood all too well about voices which needed the mute button.)

 3. She sleeps on a cot.
 This could be a complicated result of many things, which it is. I could also continue to do it because I haven't been able to afford a new bed, which is barely in part true. The truth is, even if I had the money to buy a new bed I likely wouldn't. I like the idea of sleeping on a cot and plan to do so until said cot breaks.

 4. She sat on her glasses and broke them so often she just forced her eye sight to get better because she couldn't keep buying new glasses.
 I guess I didn't really cure my own eyesight. I never had it that bad to begin with. I could see fine without my glasses, I would just get headaches. Now I only need them for reading and writing, which is nice since the only pair I have is badly scratched and too big for me. The headaches did clear up, I don't know how, but maybe it is simply God having pity on my inability to keep glasses in one piece.

 5. If you want to really make her laugh use the stupidest pun you can think up.
 The truth in this is staggering. The dumber the pun the harder I laugh. I am an easily amused person.

 Now, is there a reason behind this post? there ever a reason behind my posts?
 Well, maybe sometimes. And we could say the reason behind this one is I needed to through you off track before I announced.....


 Does that work? I hope so.

 Quote is from Lilo and Stitch



  1. Okay, so on my blog feed -- you know, where it just shows you the first few lines of everybody's posts to tantalize you -- it only went as far as "her real name..."
    "What?!?!?" I may or may not have shrieked this word out loud.
    Then I clicked on the post, and saw that you had psyched me out.
    And I LAUGHED SO HARD. That was totally awesome.
    Also, as I continued to read the post, I found that you had totally psyched me out again. I was SO into the swing of your post. And then, Bam! What? Cover reveal? That is so exciting!!! Woohoo!!! :D

  2. Your voice is sweet lol. the rest of you isn't, but your voice is.

    Also WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bros-in-arms cover!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Having a sweet voice would be nice, the only compliment I have gotten through the years is Your Cute! I still never know how to respond.


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