Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Guys, I want a castle."

 Wherein Jack doesn't get on with trunks.

 Also I had a run in with the first of the orphan spiders. He got into my tea sugar. There are things I can handle when dealing with spiders - few things, but they are there. But when one invades my tea things that is crossing lines which should never be crossed. I got so mad I fished him out with a spoon and threw him down the drain. (Sounds brave, but I fished him out with my eyes half closed and threw the spoon down the drain with him attached.)

By now everyone who reads this blog has got the idea I manage to do every day things and turn them into giant mishaps. 

 It happened again. I don't often use the trunk on my car, but the other day I went to get some food and decided to put it in the trunk instead of the backseat. It was windy. I didn't get the lid up high enough. And as I ducked down the lid walloped me on the head.

 That was just step one. I later stopped to get gas and decided while it filled up to move the food from the trunk to the backseat so I wouldn't have to open it when I got home. (It all made perfect logic to me, don't think too much into it.)

 I'd gotten everything moved and closed the lid when it hit me. I'd locked the keys inside the trunk.

 (There were no lock picks involved in this story.)

 For a second I went through a long list of what I might do to get them out. In a flash I remembered I'd left my front door unlocked, so that was one good thing. I also knew my car had a fault and any key can be used to start it, or anything narrow. So I could at least get home.

 I had a spare set of keys at my house, and in seconds had decided I'd drive home, get the keys, and unlock the trunk. Then I remembered that I only had one set of house keys and realized I'd have to break into my house through the window again.

 Then I realized I was being a dope because my car has one of those buttons to pop the trunk from inside the car.

 So, while people behind me waited for my spot in the gas line, I ran all around my car and fiddled with things. In the end I got my keys back, only to realize I'd brought the spare set with me in my messenger bag.

 And here ends the story of why I don't use my trunk that often.

 I'm off now. I need to get some guest posts done, and write, and read. All that fun stuff.

 Quote is from Tangled.



  1. Ah yes, nobody messes with somebody else's tea, that is one insult shy of starting a revolutionary war. ;)

    One time, I locked my keys inside the car while they were still in the ignition and the car was running. Then I realized that the spare key was on the same keychain as the one I locked in the car. Not my proudest moment.

  2. Jack, you are somethin' else. *shakes head.*

  3. He he, I would do all of these things. Especially hit myself with the trunk, it has happened.

  4. Now that was quite the series of events! Don't use the trunk ever again.

  5. You make me laugh so hard :)

    I would totally do all of those things. So far, I've managed to never own a car with a trunk. I had a small pickup truck with a cap over the bed, though, and whenever it rained (or my truck was feeling persnickety) the hydraulics that held up the "hatch" would fail catastrophically, usually falling on my head. (This also happened with the glass part of the back door on my Escape).

  6. I have been hit by a trunk lid too. It's no fun. :P

    I love your stories. If a spider decided to take up residence in my tea sugar I probably would have just tossed all the sugar out with him in it. Because spiders. *shivers* Actually I might have just tossed the whole jar out not depending on what it was made out of or if it was a precious heirloom. Just get the spider away from me!


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