Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Something brought you here. Call it what you will, fate, destiny..." "A horse."

 As you can see, I didn't post on Friday. I meant to, but I went to a Good Friday service at church. I didn't get home late, and the service was so sobering I didn't feel like posting. Of course, today's service was about Jesus' resurrection, and though these next few months are going to be hard for me I feel considerably encouraged.

 I am not doing Music Monday today though. Instead I will be doing Friday's post today. As I mentioned last week, I am talking about my two newest historical fictions. I am trying to pick one to begin editing and would like to know what all of you think. The first book I talked about, a POW story, and the characters can be found in the last post. This post is about the Tuskegee Airmen and the three main characters. 

 First up is Eugene (Gene) Wade.
 Gene is a slightly bitter young man who grew up in the deep south. He spent his whole life dealing with the prejudices the whites had for the blacks. A fighter like his father, never one to just sit back and accept things how they are, Gene got into a lot of trouble and fights with the white boys in his small town. This put him in constant danger, danger his mom always helped get him out of.
 Gene hears about the Tuskegee Airman program and joins up during WWII. He wants to be a soldier like his father, who fought in WWI. (His dad died right before Gene was born, not in the war though.)
 Quick tempered, a loner, Gene learns to rely on others and accept friendship when it is thrust on him after he joins the airmen.

 Phillip (Phil) Nixon.
 Phil is from the west. He grew up on a ranch with his family. The ranch was owned by a white man but he never treated the Nixon's differently because of their skin color. The two families were like one big family. Because of this Phil has trouble when he heads south and sees how the blacks and whites treat each other. It isn't something he's used to and he has trouble understanding it.
 Phil is unruly and one of a kind. He has a warped sense of humor and likes to get everyone to think he's an insane sociopath. There's a rumor among the soldiers that he killed one of the men who stared a barracks with him, and if he offers anyone a stick of the bubble gum he chews constantly it means he's picked his next victim.
 Although he's strange and likes to disturb people, Phil is loyal and once you have him for a friend you will have a friend for life.

 Charles (Charlie) Harris.
 Charlie is the character I took liberties with. Charlie is white, but he worked hard to get accepted into the Tuskegee Airmen as a medic. To him skin color doesn't matter, only life and he wants to save lives. Charlie grew up in Texas and is estranged from his dad. He's angry with his dad and angry with how blacks are treated. He's not very outspoken though and he joined the airmen as a way to prove a point without having to stand up in front of everyone and speak.
 Charlie is quiet and keeps to himself as often as he can. He's friendly and everyone tends to like him once they get to know him, but he's shy and getting to know him takes a while. The only time he's really sure of himself is when he's fighting to keep someone alive.
 The best way to describe Charlie is sweet. He's caring and at the same time the only one who can put Phil in his place. He's also brave and tries to always do what he believes is right.

 So, there they are! My three airmen whom I'm quite fond of.

 Now I shall leave you with a Tangled quote. I'd also love to know which story interests you more.



  1. Okay, so, the history of the Tuskegee Airmen interests me more than the history of a POW camp... But, the POW characters interesting me more than the Tuskegee characters (I think because of the POW's undercover mission. I've always loved spies and double-agents).

  2. I just LOVE all the characters you come up with. Every. single. one.

    So we have to CHOOSE between these epic sounding casts? AGH. Um, um, um. I don't knooow. They both sound amazing.
    Maaaaybe the POW cast? They sound like a really fun group. But I'll be happy with either!


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