Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Winter Reading List

This is the last seasonal reading list I will be doing. This year I want to reread some of my favorite books and I've reviewed and talked about many of them already. Therefore I won't be doing a Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall list like I did last year. I haven't decided how I'll do my new reading list post, but I'll figure it out when the time comes.
 As you can see, this list is considerably shorter than the others. One reason is because Winter contains Christmas and I was too busy having fun during the holidays to read. Another is because in January I officially started some of my rereads as well as finished up some promised book reviews and took part in a couple beta reads. But here is my list.
 As always, most of these books have been reviewed on my review blog if you want to learn more about them.

Yorien's Hand
This is the third book in Jenelle Leanne Schmidt's series. I've been devouring her books since I first came across them soon after I started my blog. I loved this book, but it also made me sad because there's only one more after this and then the series is over.

The Crab with the Golden Claws
Yes, Tintin. I got the final collection and wanted to finish the whole series by the end of the year.

The Shooting Star

The Secret of the Unicorn

THIS book I've been waiting for what felt like YEARS. It is a WWII story based on true events. It was worth the wait, but painful

Kate's Innocence
By Sarah Holman. I love her books and this one didn't disappointed even though it was very different from her other stories.

Tintin in the Congo
This was the last book I needed to complete my Tintin in a year reading...goal. I did it.

The 6th Dragon and Martin Book

The 7th Dragon and Martin Book
My friend's books she lets me read.

Little House in the Big Woods
The start of the rereads. 

Written by J. Grace Pennington. I adore her books, and this one I'm still in shock over.

Pistols and Pentagogs
A fun book no longer in print about a man who can't seem to keep out of trouble and gets mixed up with drug dealers and mistaken identity. 

He Whistles for the Cricket
Another reread. Written by Jenelle's grandmother, this is a sweet story about a little girl and her dog.

A Time to Speak
Ouch. The ending....ouch. I need the third and final book RIGHT NOW.

Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
With the start of the New Year I decided to reread Tintin. Again, all the books in a year, only this time since I have the whole collection I will be reading them in order. Which I've never actually done before. 

Tintin in the Congo

Samara's Peril
A beta read. Jaye Knight's newest book. (JACE!)

Tintin in America

Cigars of the Pharaoh

The Blue Lotus
See, in order.

For Elise
This was a short story. A "Ghost" story which I wanted to throw a few pages near the end, and then I wanted to hug at the final end.

The Broken Ear

The Black Island

King Ottokar's Sceptre
As you can see, I'm doing well with the Tintin reread. 

 And there it is. It was fun doing my reading list this way the past year. I discovered many new books. I do have some new ones planned for this year, but mostly I just want to revisit some of my dear old friends.



  1. I remember the first time I read "Cigars of Pharaoh" and "The Blue Lotus" back to back. I hadn't known that they fit together so nicely! They are almost a fourth two-volume Tintin adventure, but not quite.

  2. Great list! Many of these are new to me, so it's wonderful to hear of good books. :)

  3. These all have marvelous titles.


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