Tuesday, April 05, 2016

"Are you tired from chasing the bad man all over the place?"

 Wherein Jack had "One of those" days.

 Or weeks.

 Never mind it is still the beginning of the week.

 This morning went fairly nice. Except I lost my tea mug so I couldn't take tea to work with me even though I bought tea for work mornings.

 But overall it was a nice day until I got home. And I found a GIANT orphan spider on my toilet.

 He isn't the first. After the one in the tea sugar - I might not have mentioned him, but he was the first of the orphans to come out for revenge - after him more have shown up. 

 It's getting out of hand. 

 And I've taken my vacuum to them because I would rather suck them up with half closed eyes then know they are loose in the flat somewhere and unseen.

 Sadly this one was too big for my little vacuum, so I sprayed him with peppermint spray.

 And then he vanished, which is never a good thing.

 After that one dropped out of my dish cloth and he too got sucked up. And last night I pinned one under a bowl which a friend later came and killed for me.

 So, as you can see....

 I am at war.

 The spider vanishing was later followed by me getting a doctor bill in the mail - which stinks because there's nothing worse than having to GO to the doctor and then the doctor saying they will help you out since you're poor and then not even helping out with half. But such is life. (I also got a book I won in a contest which kind of helped.)

 After I got the bill I managed to drop my new phone. Rather dramatically. This was after I got a cover last night to keep it safe. (Thankfully it didn't break.)

 So, as you can see, I have a very good reason for leaving my sword and my vacuum out and hiding in bed with tea. Because this day is officially done, I can't take any more of it.

 I am being good though and posting, but this is the last post this week. I am going on a mini-vacation. One of my friends thought I needed one, so Thursday through Sunday I shall be GONE. I will be doing things like sleeping and eating and reading Lockwood and Co. And not putting up with the orphan spiders. (While I'm gone I'm turning the heat down in the hopes they will vacate for somewhere warmer.)

 If there is anyone brave out there who wants the job of killing the orphan spiders consider yourself hired. I'll pay you in cookies. You just have to stay until all the spiders are gone.

 Fare thee all well for now.

 I have tea and Lockwood waiting for me.



  1. The spiders are attacking here as well, they are everywhere!

  2. I'm really, really scared because I haven't seen a giant spider in my house for about six months. I KNOW there's going to be one soon... Ugh. *shivers*
    Have fun on your mini vacation!

  3. I will gladly come and hunt down all of the spiders for you and then sit and eat cookies and drink tea while we talk and talk and talk and watch things and read things.

  4. Go! Relax! And I hope there aren't any spiders there.

  5. I got a nasty bite from a spider once. It left a scar on my eyelid (upper brow). I get rid of them the minute I see one...

    Have a great time! Enjoy your spider free weekend!

  6. I feel your pain, Jack. I live in constant fear of finding big spiders. I haven't seen one in a very long time and it's making me very nervous...but you're very brave. If I had to be at war with spiders, I would move out and go live in a bunker somewhere rather than face the evil little creatures. :) Have fun on your mini vacation!

  7. Enjoy your mini-vacation! If I lived closer I would totally come kill spiders for you... and hang out and watch Dr. Who or Leverage reruns or something. :)


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