Sunday, May 22, 2016

"I'll put you on hold, I like to watch the light blink."

 Last week of my book tour!!

 I'd do some sappy post tonight but I have Dog on my feet mad about the little fur ball snuggled in my bed....don't worry, that is going to turn into a blog post soon enough. Just not when I'm awkwardly pinned.

 Today I am at Christine's blog HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And the song I leave for you is....

 I saw Civil War again this weekend, so I have a refresher on quotes which is good because I was running out of them.



  1. Hope the book tour's been going well.

    Seeing Civil War for the second time is on my list of Things To Do this week. A great film with some truly excellent quotes.

  2. I got my post up later than I meant to this morning, but it's there now. So excited to have you on my blog today! ^_^


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