Thursday, May 05, 2016

"I'm not a doctor, Jim! I mean I am but not that kind of doctor..."

Wednesday rudely passed me by without permission. 


 But I did get to watch The Force Awakens again, so I am glad it gave me time for that.

 This is Wednesday and Fridays post.

I found out I don't handle stress well so I am running away from home this weekend and hiding out at my friend's house for a bit. Because how else does one handle stress?

 I have been busy this week though. Maybe not the typical way one keeps busy...but I have been.

 I bought a lock and have been trying to learn to pick it with a bobby pin. Have I made progress? No, but I am going to get it.

 I've been trying to get the Blog Party for my book underway. I'm cruddy at that kind of thing. I don't have the brain skill for arranging it and I'll be glad when it is all set up.

 I went to the doctor for a check up. This involved sitting awkwardly in the waiting room and sneakily watching the kid's show that was on. After that I awkwardly sat on the examine table and swung my legs. Then I awkwardly answered questions, got ear drops to get the wax out of my ears - gross I know - and then sent home. I have to go back because I'm a girl and I guess girl's need extra tests, and I can hear better now....but over all, doctors aren't fun to visit and this is why I fight so hard to keep extremely healthy.

 I finally got my hands on a good book...which I've again devoured. 

 Harrison Ford has betrayed my tiny trust, because APPARENTLY he's the reason for my Star Wars pain. (Those who have seen it know. Yes, I just found out he asked for that scene to happen. Rude.)

 I bought a taser because I go so many places on my own. You have no idea how badly I want to test it...

 I'm almost out of tea. *Panic*

 I tried to jump in a puddle today but THERE ARE NONE BY MY FLAT! I am so disappointed.

 I want to read through my book again. Mostly because I want to just read it without having to check for editing mistakes. 

 I think I have a paranoia about something bad happening to me. It hit me the other day how much thought and work I put into surviving an airplane crash, a cave in, a break in, a kidnapping, and who knows what else.

 Now I have to go. I have to get some posts done for the Blog Tour. And I will be back to let you know dates, because I guess it is happening NOW.

 Quote is from Treasure Planet.



  1. I want a tazer, I would go more places if I had one.

  2. I just recently found out that "taser" stands for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle". Apparently the inventor was a big Tom Swift fan. This post made me remember it again.
    I haven't left a comment before, but I'd like to let you know that I enjoy reading about all your adventures!


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