Thursday, May 12, 2016

"We're still friends, right?" "Depends on how hard you hit me."

 I can't believe I am this worn out. I blame the stupid adult stuff I had to do this week. Thankfully a bird decided to hammer into the side of my flat to build a nest and I had to chase him off with a broom, so he kept things interesting.

 I also found out that some of you are actually counting down to the book's release date. I might have giggled and blushed and nervously curled up into a nervous little cat ball. I'm both flattered and on edge that all the count down will just be a disappointment because the book won't be what everyone is expecting. Hopefully this is a normal feeling and I shall drown it in tea.

 I have two things going on today. One is the post to the next stop in my book tour, along with another song, and the second is the book tour I have joined in. (For those who don't know, but should, Jaye L. Knight is releasing book three of her Ilyon Chronicles and I had the chance to read it. I will therefore be sharing my review.)

 Also note I fixed up the giveaway. There are now two separate giveaways and I added another way to enter. 

 Today's post is on my WWII friend Emily's blog, HERE!!! 

 And the song....

 And now, for the book review.

 I always have trouble reviewing books in a series because I don't want to give spoilers away. But this one I think I can safely say some things about because those who know about the books have an idea of what is coming.

 This book takes place sometime, about a year I think, after book two. The little hidden camp of followers of Elom has grown. They are starting to make a life for themselves and things are going fairly well, but trouble always lurks hidden away.

 After all of his struggles, Jace is starting to feel as if he belongs with his new friends but something is still holding him back. His fear he might not have a soul weighs on his mind, and after a tragedy that weight grows until it nearly crushes him.

 Other things worry him, such as new feelings he can't explain and a possible hope for the future. A future Jace didn't think he could ever have.

 Other trouble brews as well. An invasion and a plan to stop it take a small group back into great danger and battle, and again they face impossible odds.

 I can't say enough how much I love this series. It feels fantasy but still with enough of a historical feel that I sometimes wonder if I'm making reading about ancient Rome. Jaye is a masterful story teller and the world she has woven comes to life off the page.

 The best part for me is her characters. There are a lot in this series but they all feel so real. I love each of them, well most of them, in their own way and can't wait to spend even more books with them.

 This book had a lot of surprises, but also a lot of pleasant things which happened. And not so nice things. It left me with a burning need for book four though. I MUST have questions answered!

 Be sure and check out Jaye's blog HERE for even more wonderful things and a peak at the first two books!!

 And that is all I have for tonight. I had my tea. I got all the posts done I could. I reviewed. I made a daddy bird angry. All in all a good evening.

 My bed is calling. I can hear it. "JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK." Gotta answer.




  1. I get exhausted doing adult things too!

  2. I think the nerves are normal. You are sharing your brainchild with the world and subjecting it to the world's criticism. That's a tough move. But hooray! :-)

  3. This comment probably doesn't belong on this post, but I just wanted to drop in and say that I'm looking forward to reading "Brothers in Arms"!! :)

  4. I agree with reviews being hard to write without giving things away. Especially as I wanted to do a sensible review and not, just 'I like the book because of theses good elements and this particular character' either. I got the impression that Samara's Peril followed pretty quickly after TKS, but I could be wrong.

    Congratulations on getting a book published.

  5. I've really enjoyed your interviews from the blog tour, including the one on Emily's blog! I can't wait to read Brothers-in-Arms, and I'm looking forward to the release date very much. :)

  6. You said: "I also found out that some of you are actually counting down to the book's release date."
    Tired Me read: "I also found out that some of you are actually COMING down to the book's SIGNING date."
    And I was like, "Oh my word, I'm jealous, I'd like to come down to that too." And proceeded to tell my mother that I'd like to hop on a plane and attend it.
    Silly me just found out that it does NOT say that.

    But I've gotten a bunch of blog comments on my tour post from my readers who are dying to read it, like, literally dying of impatience. So that's very good. ;)

  7. I can't wait to read Brothers-in-Arms!!! Eek!

    Great review! I agree, the characters are the best part of the books. I loved Samara's Peril. I definitely need book 4 too!!!


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