Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"You couldn't have done that earlier?" "I hate you."

 First, I am so sorry about these posts. My first week of the book tour and I've been so busy and tried by the time I have a chance to post I can barely keep my eyes opened.

 Second, I don't have things to do tomorrow evening so I WILL be getting the last of the posts out to all of you and will be doing a more thorough post here. Something with...more depth.

 Third, I am once again so worn out tonight I just want to go to sleep. So, here we go again.

 Today's post is over at Amanda's blog, HERE! And you get double, a post from her and a book review. 

 While I haven't actually found a song which fits, Japhet, like I've found one with Franz, so far this has come the closest.

 Quote is from Civil War.

 Good night


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