Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Old, alone, done for!"

 The longer I do adult things the more I realize...I'm just not cut out for this. 


 Medical insurance?

 Job applications?


 Trying to get into government buildings for things you can get into trouble for not doing but not sure how you will get in since they are only open during the hours you work?

 Not. Fun.

 That is why I am not going to adult anymore than I have to. If you need me the rest of this week you can find me in my hammock, drinking strawberry milk, and eating frosted animal cookies. Oooooo, and I will be adding a nap in there somewhere, because if I am going to not grow up let's go all out. Naps, lots of snacks, and some cartoons. Maybe I'll make a blanket fort, except Nat would probably tear it down because she is a twerp.

 Other than the adult stuff I've been up to, I have also been writing again. Slowly, because I am usually really, REALLY sleepy....(Happens when you wake up, wide away between three and four in the morning.) I am trying to write first drafts in notebooks, just to see if a different writing form can help me start up again.

 I was very brave and called the nearby Bucky and Donna's (Barnes and Noble for those who haven't caught on yet) if I can come and do a book signing. ADMIRE MY COURAGE BECAUSE I FREAKED OUT MAKING THE CALL AND THEY SAID I COULD DO ONE WHICH MEANS TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT MY BOOK! *Packs more snacks into the blanket fort.*

 I started to study Morse Code so I can randomly tap out messages when I am in public. Anyone who knows it has permission from your Evil Overlord to tap out replies, so long as you pardon the fact I seem to get M and A mixed up....

 I DO know how to do the SOS signal though finally! I am so happy. One never knows when one will be kidnapped and strapped with bombs and forced to pretend to be your best friend's arch enemy. Comes in handy during times like that.

 Other than all of that. I am again behind on emails, I am taking part in a blog party this month which I am still trying to get the hang of, and this weekend I am running away from home to eat all of my best friend's cookies.

 I leave you with another Peter Pan quote...why? Who knows. Just enjoy it.



  1. That's awesome about the book signing! I applaud you for having the courage to even call and ask them about it. Goodness knows I lack that entirely.

    Enjoy your snacks and the blanket fort... :)

  2. Oh my word, a book signing?? That is so exciting!

  3. Woohoo! A book signing! And I very much relate to the "adulting."

  4. Growing up is fine, I whisper from my blanket fort, while sucking on a juice box.

  5. What a fun post! I still haven't gotten the hang of FB parties:(

  6. Way to go! Signings are a blast, you'll enjoy it. And pass me some of them animal cookies, would'ja? :)

  7. A book signing sounds exciting! I know I'll have to do that in the future too, and tbh I'm nervous by the idea too. *eep* I am an introvert that needs to leave its shell, lol.
    Did you publish your books through IngramSpark?


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