Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Calming Jasmine Tea."

 *Hysterical laughter*

 I need a holiday. About a week. Or four.

 I don't even know where to start or if I can start. So I will just sit here and laugh hysterically to myself.

 While I study Morse Code. And shove Natasha off my face. And drink tea. And read a comic book....what can I say? Talents, I has them.

 I seem to have little to say. And my tea is calling. But at least I am attempting to blog.

 These last two weeks have been long. Added with my lack of sleep and I am beat. It seems all I talk about anymore is not sleeping. I must sound whiny, but mostly I just mention it to try and explain why I have been AWOL and why my posts have been short. I just want a long nap.

 Anyways, my goals are small right now. First is at least posting. So here it is, my post.

 And now.....

 Quote is from Uncle Iroh.




  1. I hope your body finally gets the sleep it craves. I don't sleep well in the summer due to the heat.

  2. Drinking tea is very productive, I say as I drink a cup.


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