Saturday, July 09, 2016

"She hustled you good!"

 Wherein Jack is awake

 It is five in the morning. I woke up at four and couldn't go back to sleep. Tried for a full hour. So why am I posting instead of trying to sleep? Because it is obvious I can't go back to sleep and I might as well be productive rather than toss and turn in bed and accidently kick Dog over and over. This is me being productive....

 A bit of an update.

 Nat has gone from "Nat" to "NATASHA!" Sometimes even "NATASHA ROMANOFF!" When she runs out the door or steals my fountain pen or breaks my sonic screw driver or my ink or my writing buddies or get the idea. Someday I have the very bad feeling I am going to go to college and have to tell my teacher, "I'm sorry, my cat ate my homework." Still love her though.

 I am thinking about getting a bird. A finch I can name Mrs. Fench. Or.....a hamster since....HEDGEHOGS ARE ILLEGAL HERE!!!!

 I have started to have the summer I've always wanted. July has been brilliant, which if I was a Time Lord that would be my special word. And I would be called the Author and I would wear a mix of patterns and my companions would be sad and lonely and adventurous children who need ice cream and love. I would also wear a lot of hedgehog designs.

 I can see the sun trying to rise outside my kitchen window. It needs to hurry a bit, I am bored and need the world to be awake and suffer with me.

 I have new battle scrapes, all from Nat.

 I HAVE NEW BROTHERS IN ARMS REVIEWS! For those who have reviewed, if you would like to help spread the word, if you could also review on Amazon and Bucky and Donnas that would be brilliant.

 I am writing again, a lot, in notebooks. And next week I plan to start editing my next to be published book. I will start to reveal information next week.Because that is how I roll, like a doughnut, and I don't feel like starting now.

 I plan to try and catch up on my book reviews again soon. Also I have a movie review coming because...I FINALLY SAW ZOOTOPIA!

 And that is all I have. Now I am off to see the Wizard.



  1. And I be you enjoyed Zootopia.
    Don't let Nat run away with any of your stories.

  2. Oooo, new projects. That sounds exciting! I can't wait to read your Zootopia review. I enjoyed it.

  3. It's so fun to read about what's happening with you - thanks for the update! :) Zootopia was awesome, and I'm looking forward to your review!

    And I will be posting my own small Goodreads review of Brothers-in-Arms soon, because I just read it and it was absolutely amazing!! :D Thank you for writing your wonderful book - it was so, so good, and you are an incredible author.

    So anyway, now I will attempt to write a deserving review that will give it a small bit of the huge praise it deserves... ;) And I can't wait to read anything you publish in the future, of course! Keep up the good work with your new novel! :)

  4. I'm glad you saw Zootopia and Nat seems to be earning her name.


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