Monday, August 22, 2016

"Dumb bunny." "Sly fox."

 Wherein the M&M's almost didn't make it.

 You know how Shawn and Gus get into problems? Like sitting on a bomb and not being able to reach their food? Things like that.

 I have a friend like that. My Ben.

 I have been feeling sad lately so she took me on a picnic - with cookies and trail mix, an apple we split, and M&M's which I begged and whined for. We found a rock to sit on and I balanced the M&M's and cookies on a crack in the rock because I am a dope.

 Ben grabbed the cookies.

 And our beautiful bag of M&M's fell down into the crack where they securely wedged themselves.

 Panic ensued.

 We tried to reach the bag and scratched up our hands and arms. Finally, after we broke many sticks to try and save them, we ran back to my flat for my sword. One of my many swords.

 Shockingly no one questioned us as we took the sword back and managed to save our yummy candies.

 That is all for now. I have some things to do. Mostly thinking things, but you get the idea.



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