Tuesday, August 09, 2016

"Then you can teach me Dragon's Breath."

 I want to paint my flat like Rapunzel. Guess it only works for a tower locked princess and not a renting tenant. Anyone want a pretend princess with a paint brush?

 Wait, you didn't come to look for princesses? Sadness.

 I still want to paint something though.

 Okay, let's get this done then. The blurb for my newest book, So Much Owed.

 Eugene, Gene, Wade knows what it's like to face struggles in life. As a black boy growing up in the deep south, he has learned how to fight and how to rely only on himself and his mom. But when WWII breaks out Gene finds himself given an impossible chance, to become a pilot.

 One of the new founded Tuskegee Airmen, Gene heads to Alabama where he finds himself in the company of two army misfits, Phillip Nixon and Charles Harris. Gene doesn't want friends, but he especially doesn't want to be friends with Phil and Charlie - as Phil is rumored to have killed a man and Charlie happens to be the only man on base who is white.

 For all three of them life changes when they are shipped overseas, and slowly discover just how important friendship can be.

 I am not much for blurb writing, but there is the basic outline of the story!

 Friday you get to briefly meet Gene, Phil, and Charlie.

 Quote is from Inkheart.



  1. You do like stories of friendship!
    The only thing I'd suggest is drop Eugene in the first sentence. I read that three times thinking it was three different names and was confused.

    1. I agree, I was a little confused at first. But if you want to keep it like that, Jack, I think you can put quotation marks around the nickname. Like this: Eugene "Gene" Wade knows what it's like...

      That should fix the problem. ^_^

  2. Oh, this sounds AWESOME, Jack!!! :D

  3. It sounds awesome Jack, I just started painting myself, I definitely would love to do a Rapunzel like room.


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