Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Don't worry, Carrots, you can have it back, in 48 hours."

 Wherein Jack is about to submit....

 No, it isn't So Much Owed. But the short story I mentioned a long while ago, Finding the Magic. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will be submitting it to Dove Publishers.

 In other news, I am hand writing the forth Haphazard book, editing book one, editing So Much Owed, and typewriting another book I am not ready to talk about yet. It is nice to be writing again!

 Now I leave you with this song, because you could use a painful but beautiful song in your lives.

 Quote is from Zootopia.



  1. AAAAHHHHH!!! I loved Finding the Magic so very much. I hope it goes well!

    And ACK. The Last Goodbye. THAT SONG. *cries for an eternity*

  2. Good Luck, and that song makes me cry every time.


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