Thursday, September 22, 2016

"What's there, mama?"

 Wherein Jack has little to say.


 as in next to nothing....

 EXCEPT! I SAW MY BOOK IN THE LIBRARY TODAY! I might have held it and grinned like a dope. MY BOOK IS NOW A LIBRARY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 What else?

 It's cold here, if we need to resort to talking about the weather. Cold and perfect for fingerless gloves and tea and writing. LET NANO COME! I AM READY! Sorta.

 I am trying to get homework done and blogging done on time - I say as I am a day late - before I go and babysit tonight. 

 And that is all I have right now. Boring, I know.

 Deal with it.

 Quote is from Beauty and the Beast



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