Sunday, October 02, 2016

"What, you want me to dress in drag and do the hula?"

 My life since school started.

 Me: *Goes to work. Studies.*

 Me: *Eats. Studies*

 Me: *Studies*

 Me: FORGET STUDYING! *Writes on my typewriter.*

 Basically life has a lot of math in it at the moment, and the more math I do the more I learn I am not balanced in the brain area. Some people are one brain sided, but still a little more balanced than I am. Me? There is nothing there on the math side, at all. And I don't mean the, "Oh, math is so hard." No, it is, "Drat it, math is impossible!" then there are tears involved.


 But life goes on. I have to say though, if I flunk AGAIN I don't think I can make myself retake it. I shall be demoralized for life. 


 This will be the, fifth...time I will have flunked. So you can understand the demoralization. 

 Other than the Math is going okay. There are good books involved, writing again, no sleep but that is overrated and always will be.

 That said....I am now going to go to sleep. Because I like to be a walking contradiction. 

 Quote is from The Lion King.



  1. Ugh. Math. I know how you feel. At my university, they suggested that I take a math refresher course before I take the course I need for my degree. -.-

  2. Math isn't my strong point either. I spent HOURS on one four-part question from macro-economics because I didn't remember some rule that I was later reminded of in the corresponding test. I COULD HAVE FINISHED THE QUESTION IN 20 SECONDS!

  3. I'm not strong in math either. Get help if you need it to pass this time. You must! It's a moral imperative. (Name that film.)

  4. Hmm...well, I'm a full-time writer and I use math. But admittedly I use my calculator most of the time! I'm SO glad I'm not in school anymore. I was never very good at it. Did I hear you correctly--do you still use a typewriter?

  5. Math is ugly and should never have been invented. It exists to make the lives of well-meaning words-people miserable.

  6. All of you people need a wonderful tutor like myself. ;) Just kidding. Math can be fun if you understand it. Maybe I'm weird, but I see math like a story with plots and villains and mysteries and rules of engagement.
    It's like The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. If you don't understand the way the world of math works, you will rage against it as much as Eustace did Narnia for the first half of the book. If you learn to accept and work within its world, you will have as much fun exploring its islands as Lucy and Edmond did. But it all starts will even allowing such a thing to be possible...


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