Sunday, December 04, 2016

"In what way to you resemble a means to keep one cool?"

 For the rest of the month I will be sharing some of my favorite Christmas songs on Mondays. I usually take a writing holiday during the month of December, writing only when I am in the mood for it. It is kind of my off month. Blogging, I would say, would slow down too but it has been slow all year so that won't shock any of you any.

 But I do have some posts planned, while I prepare for the Christmas holidays. I even boldly baked today! With help, but we can pretend I did it all on my own just to give my moral a boast. 

 I have a Christmas gift planned for all you, my lovely readers.

 I also have a story to share this week, all about my weekend mishaps! Because if anyone is going to go about having mishaps over the space of one weekend it is bound to be me.

 Now, for the song. 

 Quote is from Nine's Christmas "Special." I am going through and watching all the Doctor Who Christmas specials in order. 



  1. I bet whatever you baked was awesome.

  2. I can't wait to hear your story. I'm sure it will be as wonderful as when you stumbled upon the nudist beach in San Francisco :D


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