Monday, December 12, 2016

"Oh Lily, grow up! Fairy Land looks completely different."

 Wherein Jack can't help but have mishaps.

 Ever have an extremely pleasant day only to arrive home more than ready for your fuzzy jammies and your soft bed only to find you managed in the most round about way ever to lock yourself out of your house?

 Did this happen to me recently?

 My name is Jack, do you really have to ask? 

 Locking myself took a process of about three or more days. So, let me try and explain as best I can from the beginning.

 I have mentioned my best friend before, the one I nicknamed Ben. She came to spend the night the other day, always something I look forward to. It is the best thing ever to live in the same town as your best friend.

 Anyways, we had a nice evening and I dropped her back at her house on my way to work. Only she had forgotten her wallet at my house. Since I had no time to run back and get it before work I removed my house key from my key ring and gave it to her so she could head back and get it.

 Later that night, after a long day of work, I went back home and found the key safely under a bird house outside my door. I went inside and set the key down on my books. It was late, I was tired, and I had forgotten my set of keys in my car. Too tired to get them I went to bed and decided to put the house key back on the next day.

 During the night, and my constant flailings in my sleep, I knocked the key off the books which are beside my bed. The week turned out to be so busy that I didn't get the chance to look for it. I knew I would have time on Saturday so I just left my door unlocked all week.

 Saturday finally came. Saturday mornings are the mornings I go to coffee with my oldest adopted sister. We go early because she has to work. So I wake up and get dressed and go to coffee. I was going to look for the key when I got home. But while at coffee I was invited to join my adopted sister to go down to the city and do a little bit of shopping and then go with her and her nieces to see the ballet of The Nutcracker. I couldn't refuse, even though I knew Dog would be mad at me since Saturday is our special hiking day.

 I called my two youngest adopted sisters and asked them to play with Dog for the day so she could at least get out, then I headed down to the city. It was an extremely pleasant day. We went to Bucky and Donna's, talked lots, went to Hobby Lobby, and then headed to the ballet. Afterward we stopped to get a bite to eat.

 Meanwhile my new friend invited me and a few others from our Bible study group to come to his house and watch a Sharespear play, Measure for Measure. Finally, after a wonderful evening, I headed home ready for my fuzzy jammies, my bed, and Dog.

 I skipped up to my house, turned the knob, and discovered my sisters had locked the door. A reasonable thing. They have a spare key and always lock up when they leave, not knowing I had left my key inside. I decided to break in through the window as I have done in the past, only I had locked the window when I closed it for the winter.

 There I was, alone at midnight in the cold, locked out. Desperate, I called Ben who thankfully woke up and another sister came to get me and let me camp out on their floor for the night. It turned out to work nicely in the end as I then spent Sunday with them, baking and making snowflakes and just having a relaxing day which I needed.

 And there it is, my last weekend adventure.

 Now I have to run as I need to get ready for work.




  1. That's the most effort I've ever heard of to lose a key. Glad you weren't stuck outside all night.

  2. Oh Jack!! You certainly are talented!! :)

    1. My best talent is putting something in a place that I will can guess how that always turns out!!

  3. If you could bottle that kind of talent, you'd be a billionaire. These escapades of yours NEED to make their way into books!

  4. That's sounds like something I would do. I used to always lock myself out of my car and my dad would have to bail me out. XD Well, not literally bail. . . but you get the point. I've learned to carry two key rings each with a car key on it.

    I think it's awesome though that even though you got locked out of your house, you ended up having a great time with friends. :)

  5. Sounds like something I would do, glad it ended well.


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