Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"The cold never bothered me anyways."

 This is what is happening in my home town right now.

 Yes, ice castles for all. 

 If it were up to me I wouldn't even have shoveled out, but I've a new friend who worries about me and therefore shoveled me out before I could dig a tunnel from my flat to my car. Oh well. I built a BB8 snowman to make up for it.

Because of so much snow work has been closed so I've been spending most of my days reading. I need to start writing again as well. 

 School has more or less started up again this week. It started, but the college is closed so there have been only online classes going. 

 And that is all the news I have for the time being. That and I want to get back to do nothing, which I've done all day because nothing days can be fun once in a while.



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