Sunday, March 19, 2017

"I just have to pass for a normal bloke."

 Wherein Jack didn't mean to go AWOL.

 I have been really tired and worn out and haven't wanted to post and whine about how tired I have been. So I went AWOL, like the good little soldier I'm not. I've also been trying to work on a review, which is more of a gushing post over a character I love, but meant to sound as a review. I just haven't gotten to it yet thanks to my history essay I have to write for school.

 I will be less busy in two weeks when school ends. I've been ordered to not take classes in the spring like I had planned. Something about taking a break and getting rest, taking care of myself. It sometimes feels as if the whole town has decided I need mothering and has ganged up on me. *Coughcough* I might need a bit of bossing around and orders to take better care of myself....but if that is the case I probably am unlikely to ever admit to it.

 But, my whining presented, I shall now go off and bemoan the fact I left my essay at work and therefore can't work on it. 

 Quote is from Doctor Who



  1. JAAAACK!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU. But I'm GLAD you took some time off. It is definitely okay to take a break! It's good to hear you have a bunch of people forcing you to rest. Someone has to. XD I do hope you'll be able to get a lot of rest when school ends. *hugs*

  2. Good to hear from you! Sounds like you do need mothering.


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