Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Great, you're in love. How disgusting for the rest of us."

 Today is Music Monday and I've run out of songs. Mostly because I don't listen to new music and I've posted all the music I do listen to while writing. (By new music I mean I don't tend to find new music on my own. Someone always sends me songs or artists and I go, "I LOVE THIS SONG!" and listen to it non stop. No one has done that in a while so therefore, I've not hunted any down on my own.).

 However, I did spend a lovely weekend involved with books. I finished Before Tomorrowland, started and made it halfway through a book called Moribito - such a good book so far - briefly started The Accidental Highwayman, and read a bit in We Were Soldiers Once - and Young. I also worked on my Vietnam story and the story I've nicknamed "The Hard One." Don't worry, it has a real title.

 I also watched a movie, which I've not done in ages. The Secret Life of Pets. It was much more fun than I thought it would be and had some fun quotes, including my blog title quote, which sums up my  general feelings of romance.

 And that is all I have. TTFN



  1. Most radio stations won't help you find new music, that's for sure.

  2. The Secret Life of Pets is a cute movie!


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