Sunday, April 23, 2017

"I had a dream once."

 Wherein Jack had a dream

 I don't have nice dreams. Even when I don't have horrible dreams they still aren't pleasant. It's just how things are right now.

 Therefore, when I had a dream which I couldn't get off my mind I kind of rejected it. Nothing good ever seems to come from my dreams, so why go with this new idea which had been planted in my mind.

 It wouldn't go away though, as much as I tried to make it. So, I have since given in and toyed around with the idea, and in the blink of an eye it shaped itself into a new story.

 Yes, I have a brand new story in the works. Complete with title, characters, back stories, everything, all thanks to my dream.

 Am I excited? know....a little. *CoughLOTcough*. 

 Curious yet? Good. Means you gotta come back for details. MAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....HA.

 Okay, I can be nice and at least tell you what the dream, and basic plot, is about. Mind, since it did come from a dream it needs some kinks worked out. 

 In the dream there were two brothers. They were best buddies even though they were different. The older wanted to be a doctor, the younger a soldier. The younger ended up joining the army and before he got sent off the brothers went to a movie. When they were leaving they ran into a man who picked a fight with the younger brother, so the older brother punched him.

 Turns out the man was the younger brother's commanding officer. (Working on details about why he wasn't in uniform and so forth,). 

 The commanding officer holds a grudge against the younger brother and makes his life miserable in boot camp. Then when they are sent to fight he makes sure the younger brother is given dangerous missions, which in the end gets him captured by the enemy.

 Determined to save his brother, the older one joins the army and goes over seas to find him and bring him home.

 And that was the basic dream. Now I am working on research can learn more about that later.



  1. Ooh, sounds exciting! I love it when I get story ideas from dreams.

  2. OH. I get story ideas from my dreams alllll the time! (Though usually my dreams are too weird to form into anything even sort of coherent for a story. XD) BUT THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. I LOVE BROTHER STORIES!!! :D

  3. Huzzah for new story ideas! I like what you have so far. I bestow all of my writerly encouragement on you as you begin this new adventure.


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