Wednesday, May 03, 2017

"At my age every breath is a cliff hanger."

 Wherein Jack could use a little less feeding, if you know what I mean.

 I was going to go with something completely different there, but then I heard Hiccup's voice and went, "What the heck."

 I am currently multitasking to the extreme. I am painting my nails, reading, and blogging - all at intervals. Not at the exact same time. Oh, and studying.

 Anyways, it is May at last. Winter went out with a rush here and summer jumped out of nowhere. One day we had piles of snow, the next it was all gone. (I'm pretty much serious about this.)

 May brings new Marvel movies, less school, more chances to read, and the mysterious disappearance of all my shoes....Hmm, guess I will just have to go barefoot. Shame.

 May is looking busy for me, but not in any horrible way. I have company and travel plans and beach plans and water plans and gardening. 

 This will be my second year living on my own. It's been an odd experience but not overly horrible. There have been rough bits. Loosing jobs, finding jobs, working too little and then over working, dealing with an angry neighbor, and decorating my place the way I liked best. I feel settled now and snug, 

 I think I have managed to adult pretty well on my own, considering. I don't think I pass for a full blown adult yet, might have something to do with marching down the road with Ben and a rake over my shoulder as if I was some eager child off to rake all of town....but you never know. Either way, I managed to pull off some pretty daring adult feats. Such as getting insurance, a car in my name, going to the DMV which is daring even without the adult side added on. Let's not forget the very fact I managed to go food shopping once a month.

 I don't know if there is really a point behind this post. Just a ramble I guess. And I needed an excuse to use the final quote I remember from The Secret Lives of Pets.

 So....I have a book waiting me. TTFN!

 P.S. Anyone interested in helping with a title reveal for my newest book?



  1. Oo, travel plans are always fun! And it's nice that the weather is warmer too. Glad you're having a good month so far. :)

  2. Would love to help with your new book title reveal! :)

  3. It was good to catch up with what you have been doing.

    I would love to help you!

  4. I am jealous of your multi tasking skills and adulting skills


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