Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Um, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?"

 I hate catching illnesses I don't know how to spell. They are fun to say but terrible to spell and make my dyslexic brain hurt. Let's see if spell check will fix it for me. I have bronchitis. Aw, look at that. Thank you, Spell Check.

 In other news, am I the only one who feels like DC is jumping up and down beside Marvel yelling, "Pay attention to me!"

 I finished a book last night, not reading though I did do a lot of that yesterday, but writing. HURRAY! When is it coming out? I don't know, there's a reason for this I don't want to get into right now.

 I realized I leave my clothes out on the floor every night because if Peter Pan comes by I want them easy to get to so I don't have to go to Neverland in my jammies.

 I am MAD about the new Doctor. And SAD. I am SAD AND MAD.

 I should be strong enough to deck anyone who ever tries to mug me because of all the weight lifting I get in from all the books I carry with me.

 I am SO CLOSE to having an ending for So Much Owed but something is stopping me. Mainly, GETTING the last chapter to work out for the ending. I think I just need to nab a fellow Author and brain storm.

 Newsletter....that's coming. Once I can figure out how it works. There has to be an easier way for my non tech savvy brain. Anyone know any suggestions?

 I went to a book sale with my sisters yesterday and we were SO GOOD and restrained ourselves and didn't buy out every book there like last year. Be proud.

 I realized I like writing historical fiction war books.....

 And now for the song!

 What can I say, I love Owl City and this song is my new favorite. Also the musical is brilliant.



  1. This is not something for which you should be worried. You should return to your home to make yourself calm and relaxed.

  2. Oh poor you, bronchitis sounds as horrible as it is too spell. I am also mad and sad about the Doctor. You know Evan Hansen, starts singing Sincerely Me. Waving through a Window, is my anthem at the moment, never before has a song and musical made me cry.


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