Saturday, July 01, 2017

"You should know this is the strangest thing I've ever done!"

 Wherein Jack does weird things

 She blogs in the third person sometimes

 She doesn't step on cracks as much as possible, you can guess why

 When she goes barefoot she walks toe to heel, not heel to toe so she can walk like the Indians did.

 She eats cold beans from the can 

 She sometimes whines like a toddler

 She randomly salutes people

 She was once known for sardines

 When she is stressed she buys pets

 She names her pets after book and anime characters

 She's been ordered not to get anymore pets

 She laughs at her own jokes because no one else will

 She kills plants, not on purpose

 And lastly, she loves her bed.

 If you don't know where the quote is from I disown you.



  1. You must have a lot of pets...
    Good to hear from you, strange and all.

  2. I know where the quote is from! I wouldn't want to be disowned. Strangely, this list makes me think we would be great friends.

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