Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"You'll have to let me go on being an idiot a little while longer."

 Meet the wildlife...also known as Jack lives IN a farm

 Dog: Dog is my dearest pet, don't tell the others. She shares my secret identity and adventures. She is my constant companion. She goes on hikes with me and would even go to work with me were it allowed. Sadly, it is not.

 Chang: The hamster. Named after Tintin's best friend, he is fat and nocturnal, but like his namesake is very sweet...except when he feels the need to randomly nybble my fingers.

 Basla: A beta fish. Small, ladylike, but as far as fish go with a good sense of exploration. She was named after a book/ anime character. a lady warrior who is also very sweet and caring.

 Winry: Last on my list is the bird. The bird everyone cringed at me getting. She also takes after her namesake - Winry Rockwell from Fullmetal. She loves to be loud and make everyone know she is around. She loves to sing, but only with the Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling. She's not all that fond of Owl City, something we are working on.

 Sadly, the kitten Nat is no longer a part of the wildlife as I wasn't allowed to keep her. Hence the smaller pets who live in cages. I would add a snake to this farm but SOMEONE forbade me from getting one.

 The End. 

 Quote is from Pandora Hearts



  1. ALL THE PRECIOUS ANIMALS!!!! :D That's so sad about your cat though. *sniffs*

    I totally approve of Winry's tastes EXCEPT you need to keep working on that Owl City problem. I mean, if you don't like Owl City what do you have to live for?

  2. CHANG! <----That's my best Tintin impression.
    Also, I just finished reading The Mortal Engines for the first time. Hearing that you call you dog Dog makes me sniffle just a little bit.

  3. I think having some birds and animals will make this farm perfect place to live.

  4. Sorry you couldn't keep the kitten.
    Pass on a snake though. I don't like pets you can't cuddle.


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