Tuesday, August 01, 2017

"The game is on."

  Ben and Jack VS. the Crickets

 My life is filled with sword wielding adventures and ninja jumps on my bed. Need examples? Okay.

 Ben sometimes comes to spend the night. We have tea and read and write and sometimes watch Anime and then sleep. Then sometimes we chase down crickets.

 The first one was my fault. I allowed the school frog to spend the weekend with me and one of his crickets escaped while Ben was here. We managed to pin it under a cup, with a pile of books on top, where it stayed until it died.

 She came back the other night, Ben that is. We talked and read and were having a nice evening. Then, as we were getting ready for bed we heard a pleasant chirp. We thought it was Winry, my bird, at first. Then the chirping got louder and louder and we realized it was a cricket loose in the cabin.

Before we could decide what to do the cricket began to screech as if it were having a heart attack. A screeching cricket is a creepy sound and Ben and I, who had ventured off the bed, both leaped back on to safety. We hid on the bed until the screeching got out of hand and we realized we wouldn't be able to sleep so long as it kept up.

 Bravely we left the bed, turned on all the lights, and tip toed across the floor. I grabbed a sword and Ben a bowl, and we proceeded to tear the flat apart looking for the panicked cricket. 

 We didn't find it. Between the swords falling over and flinging a picture off the wall, we thought it was coming from behind the picture, we scared it into silence. Hoping we had caused it to go outside and be eaten by the owl, or die of fright, we managed to get to sleep.

 Two nights later I heard the chirping again. And since then it has sang itself to sleep every night in my house. The hunt is still on.



  1. Omigoodnes :D! I am the same way with bugs, especially spiders. You and Ben are hilarious.

  2. Haha! Sounds like a great ongoing chase. :)

  3. Lol, oh no! This reminds me of an episode from the show Frasier where they have a cricket loose in the house and no one can sleep for days because it is singing so loud (I think there's an episode of That's So Raven like that, too).


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