Sunday, August 06, 2017

"You're useless in the rain."

 I finally did it, I finished So Much Owed and sent it out to get feed back. I'm nervous about sharing this story. I have loved the Tuskegee Airmen since I first heard them mentioned in school, the brave men who fought against injustices just so they could fight for their country. What's not to love?

 When I undertook to tell their story I knew it wouldn't be easy. Part of the reason being because I want everyone to see them the way I do and love them the way I do. And I know I can't do their story justice. 

 The story isn't exactly exciting. It is slower than Brothers-in-Arms. There are less battles. Less action. It is definitely a character driven story. 

 The feed back so far has been promising, but I'm still wary sending my boys out into the world. So I ask this cautiously. Anyone interested in being a beta reader for So Much Owed?



  1. If you're passionate about them, I'm sure that will shine in the story and make it exciting.

  2. I totally get how hard it is to release books into the world... especially after you've poured so much of yourself into them. And I'm sure it's amazing!
    Also I'd love to beta read!!! ;)

  3. Hurrah! Congratulations on getting to this phase!

  4. It's such a good feeling to finish a book, Congrats!
    I would but I still haven't read your other one yet.

  5. I loved their story just as much as Brothers-in-Arms ;)


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