Thursday, September 21, 2017

"It'll keep and keep and keep."

 Wherein Jack  is posting because that is what she should be doing, not because it is what she wants to do.

 Ever heard the term frazzled? I think it was used loosely when I was growing up. Because people would say they were frazzled but they never looked it. I, however, have perfected that look. Hair in disarray. Dark rings under my eyes. Or blood shot eyes, whichever you prefer. Nervous twitches. Maniacal laughter. A desire to run into the hills and howl at the moon...oh wait, that's a werewolf.

 What brought all this on, you might ask? Or maybe you didn't. Too bad. Gonna answer anyway.

 School, Check. Book Release, Check. Editing, Check. Writing A New Book, Check. Work, CHECK. (That one is all caps because I am working two jobs, ten hours a day. So it gets a double check.) Trying to take care of my pets, keep my house clean, Check.

 Somehow I need to find time to read and review about four books on top of all this. And all the other activities I got myself into. Oh yes, and relax so I don't get scolded by certain someones. 

 This sounds like a long complaint but I don't mean it to be. It sounds overwhelming when I write it all out, but I have managed to balance it all as well as I can. So even though I look frazzled, I don't always feel it.

 The only thing I really am is IRKED BECAUSE SUDDENLY WINTER! What happened to those nice transition periods in the seasons. This year it has been nothing but SUDDENLIES. 

 That is all. I am going to go hide under my heavy, snug blankets and read.



  1. Sorry about the frazzled.
    It's still clinging to summer here. Hopefully it lets go and we can enjoy some fall weather.

  2. I feel and looked frazzled lately too!

    You sound so busy, I hope things calm down for you.

  3. Wow, it definitely sounds like you have so much on your plate! How DO you balance it all? I need your magical balancing skills!

    I do hope you ARE able to find some time to relax. That's super important. *hugs* (And if you want to send some of your cold weather my way, that'd be great. It's the first day of Fall and still 90F where I live. >.>)


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